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Robot World Cup 20 anniversary, how to deal with complex systems sudden situation? Sohu technology DeepTech Technology MIT Technology Review – – – – – exclusive "on the football field, the opponent makes the emergence of all complicated." The French philosopher Jean Paul · Sutter (Jean-Paul Sartre) this sentence applies to many fields, both team tactics, or game theory of micro economics model, or a large-scale outbreak of robot battle. The opponent makes all the difference: the confrontation situation, then detailed preparations have been disrupted if possible. The above conclusions are applicable in many fields. Whether it is the development of tactics, or draw the construction blueprint, midway once unknown circumstances (eg, re adjust the strategy, or natural disasters such as force majeure), whether prepared before how nuanced, consider is how comprehensive, all are likely to fall apart. Therefore, make a complicated system with the ability to deal with mutations with multiple methods, one feasible way is to give each system component to the adaptive ability that each component can adjust themselves to deal with emergencies. The disadvantages of doing so are obvious, and each component that is treated in isolation will only analyze the behavior patterns, but it is difficult to judge the whole system. So can you find a way to predict the unpredictable situation? This is the core problem in the study of the complex system of scientists in the design of the system of anti-jamming and anti attack. The first to put forward the concept of complex systems, is the American scholar Holland. He put forward the concept of "adaptive complexity" and introduced the concept of complex adaptive system (CAS:complex adaptive system) in 1994. The research method of complex system is different from the traditional theoretical research, and the computer simulation is the main research tool. Its main features are: adaptive self-organization (self-adaptative / self-organization) complex system through continuous learning, adjust its structure and behavior, in order to adapt to the changes of external and internal. There are various interactions between components and between the components and the environment. It is this kind of autonomy and complexity that makes the complex system have the power of constant evolution. The ability of evolution (Evolution) complex system is composed of simple elements, the expectations of the outside environment and state – to – self organization process, through continuous evolution, realized from function to structure upgrade. The evolution of artificial intelligence soccer game is a good model to demonstrate complex systems. Robot World Cup (RoboCup), as the name suggests, is the world cup robot. The game is about to celebrate its 20 anniversary, the latest event attracted more than 4 notes from more than 45 countries相关的主题文章: