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Rice noodles black workshop all sold to the surrounding residential area hidden breakfast shop last week, Xiantao television program broadcast a "people’s livelihood broadcast pastry workshop production environment is raiding the worry" special program, highly concerned by the public, the public Zhang after seeing the show to us to reflect, Mianyang road at Rice noodles workshop operating without a license, the reporter immediately rushed to the scene to understand the situation. After receiving reports from the public, reporters accompanying the dry river food and drug administration law enforcement officers came to the nearby Mianyang Avenue, the food and drug administration, found Mr. Zhang said Mian Yang Da Dao Bei Yi Xiang Xi three No. 3, law enforcement officers on the spot were examined. In the law enforcement inspection process, small workshops responsible person only to come up with a "business license" and "health permit", the reporter saw, the house stocked with piles of rice, the indoor environment damp, making good Rice noodles products placed directly on the ground, without any isolation measures. In an interview with reporters learned that this small workshops engaged in production Rice noodles for nearly 30 years, the small workshop production of Rice noodles are sold to the surrounding the breakfast shop, the breakfast shop asked them to provide health permit, so they will handle the hygiene license, required for the production of food which he said they do not know all the documents. Reporters learned from the scene, workshop owner Zhao usually produce raw materials required by the majority of the purchase through the Internet, directly transported by the supplier. When the law enforcement officer asked the owner to provide the purchase voucher for raw materials, Mr. Zhao said that if the bill was needed, the merchant would be asked to obtain it directly. Law enforcement officers to check the indoor ground storage rice and wheat starch as raw material, and random checks of rice, but can not find the factory inspection certificate. Law enforcement officers to the small workshop boss told the regular manufacturers of products manufactured should be printed with food certification mark, food producers must require the supplier to provide third party inspection report. The unqualified rice will be withheld, remote storage. Dry river food and drug supervision institute made a detailed on-site inspection record of the production of this small workshop, and issued a notice to order correction. Small workshop to immediately stop production, must apply for the "small workshop" production license, the staff should have valid health certificates to engage in food production and management work, the procurement of food raw materials, the supplier shall examine the license and food delivery inspection certificate, and completes the registration of customs duty, food raw materials should be from the ground, kept away from the wall small workshops, should increase "prevent insects and flies, dust and other facilities to ensure food safety. Less than 100 metres across the city food and drug administration, actually there, unlicensed small workshops, food and drug supervision departments should strengthen supervision, strengthen market supervision still serious, and the establishment of long-term supervision mechanism, ensure public safety on the tongue. Unannounced visits to Rice noodles processing black workshop workers abuse preservative for more information please pay attention to [Chu Xiantao] WeChat related video subscription number: Rice noodles processing black workshop workers unannounced abuse of preservatives

米粉黑作坊暗藏居民区 全部销售给周边早餐店 上周, 仙桃电视台民生播报栏目播出了《突查面点作坊 生产环境令人忧》的专题节目,受到广大市民的高度关注,市民张先生看到节目后向我们反映,沔阳大道一处米粉作坊无证经营,记者立即赶往现场了解情况。接到市民举报后,记者随同干河食品药品监管所的执法人员来到沔阳大道食品药品监督管理局附近,找到了张先生所说的沔阳大道北一巷西三里3号,执法人员当场进行了检查。在执法检查过程中,小作坊负责人只拿出了《营业执照》和《卫生许可证》,记者看到,屋内摆放着成堆的大米,室内环境阴暗潮湿,制作好的米粉成品直接摆放在地上,没有任何隔离措施。采访中记者得知,这家小作坊从事米粉生产近30年,小作坊生产的米粉都是销售给周边的早餐店,由于早餐店要求他们提供卫生许可证,于是他们就办理了卫生许可证,对于食品生产所需要的其他证件他们却表示一概不知。 记者现场了解到,作坊老板赵先生平时生产所需的原材料大部分通过网上购买,由供货商直接运送过来。当执法人员要求店主提供原材料的购货凭证时,赵先生表示如果需要票据直接找商家索取。 执法人员检查了屋内地面存放的细米和小麦淀粉等原料,并随机对细米进行抽样检查,却找不到出厂检验合格证。执法人员向小作坊老板告知正规生产厂家出厂的产品应该印有食品合格证标识,食品生产者必须要求供货商提供第三方检验合格报告单。对不合格的细米将全部暂扣,异地封存。 干河食品药品监管所对这家小作坊的生产情况作了详细的现场检查笔录,并下达了责令改正通知书。要求小作坊立即停止生产,必须申请办理《小作坊生产许可证》、工作人员需持有效健康证件才能从事食品经营生产工作、采购食品生产原料,应当查验供货商许可证和食品出厂检验合格证,并做好台账登记工作、食品原料应该离地、离墙存放、小作坊内应增加“防虫、防蝇、防尘”等设施,确保食品安全。在市食品药品监督管理局对面不到100米的地方,居然有无证经营的小作坊存在,看来,食品药品监管部门还要加大监管力度,动真格的加强市场监管,并建立长效监管机制,确实保障市民舌尖上的安全。 暗访米粉加工黑作坊 工人滥用防腐剂 更多资讯请关注【大楚仙桃】微信订阅号相关视频: 暗访米粉加工黑作坊 工人滥用防腐剂相关的主题文章: