Rest assured 58 car into Nanjing, a car was assured christie stevens

"Rest assured 58 car into Nanjing, a car was assured this Saturday, you are comfortable at home to rest? Autumn and winter season or running the purchase of major shopping malls in the clothing? Or go to climb mountains, enjoy the beauty of autumn run? This Saturday for Nanjing Aicheyizu friends, is definitely a concern day. That is, 58 assured car was officially settled in Nanjing. October 22nd, by the 58 city and the Nanjing public used car market jointly organized by the "58 assured car car week" grand opening of the event. The event of "mass" and "Honda" and "Buick" and "modern" mainstream best-selling brands of quality second-hand cars gathered in 58 city used car division related to leadership and the Duke of Nanjing second-hand car market and consumers hundreds of the responsible person to participate in the event. In the second-hand car to move gradually lifted the ban and other favorable policies, the industry has been optimistic about the second-hand car market will appear explosive window period. However, second-hand car trading, the latest data show, this year 1-6 month, the national second-hand car trading volume 4 million 774 thousand, an increase of only 3.6%; among them, the second-hand car electricity supplier trading volume accounted for only about 12% of the overall market, this situation is not very optimistic. In this environment, the 58 city used car to create a new business model of integration of the development of a line under the line. In the traditional second-hand car market, because the market information opaque and consumer reasons for the lack of professional knowledge and other aspects of the second-hand car, lack of consumer confidence in the purchase of second-hand car is always the problem, not buy, will always be that second-hand car quality assurance etc.. In fact, this is also the 58 car to solve the problem. A "car" to "rest assured". Organized by the "58 secure car Car Buying week" activities, 58 secure car will establish a strategic partnership with the Duke of Nanjing second-hand car market, the resource advantage of online resources of 58 city and Grand Duke of Nanjing second-hand car trading market under the line combination, providing vehicle inspection services to car dealers and consumers, to ensure that every second-hand car through professional testing, 110 key parts of the inspection team of professional all-round, multi angle for second-hand car consumption escort, while the 58 secure car also provides services for real Paul for a year or twenty thousand km of engine assembly and transmission assembly, method of payment it can be more satisfactory, staging minimum 30% down payment, the longest 36 months of car installment service. The future of the second-hand car market will enter a period of rapid development, and the 58 city used car platform to do is for every purchase of second-hand car consumers to provide a secure, more assured Car Buying platform, and effectively protect the interests of consumers each.相关的主题文章: