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Tighten regulation of   21 cities even 26 strategies in cooling the property market — real estate — original title: to tighten regulation of 21 city even 26 CE 9, cooling the property market, the Jiangsu Banking Regulatory Bureau issued a notice pointed out, for the purchase of the implementation of measures of the city, residents first purchase and the first suite of commercial individual housing loans, the minimum down payment of not less than 30%; two sets of commercial housing loans to individuals, the minimum down payment ratio of not less than 40%. This is the twenty-sixth national day since the real estate regulation tightening policy. National Day holiday is the best time to sell real estate plate plan, market regulation policy has come up with a "killer" in this field have smoke diffuse cloth in the battlefield, the noise stopped…… Since September 30th, Beijing issued the first property market tightening after the new deal, as of now there are 21 city has as many as 26 tightening deal, to quickly cool the property market hot. Under this background, the property market turnover dropped. Central Plains real estate research center data show that during the National Day holiday in 2016, Beijing new residential contracted 216 units, 209 sets of second-hand housing contract signed a total of 425 sets. Compared with the 1039 sets in 2011, the 587 set in 2013, the group of 863, in the year of 2014, the 594 sets, in the year of 2015, the 543 sets were significantly reduced in the year of. In addition, the Wuhan housing authority data show that during the national day of Wuhan property market turnover presents roller coaster. October 1st 1067 sets, in the year of October 2nd, the 792 set, set in the year of October 4th, the set of 271 sets, in the year of the year of the year 227, in the year of 612, in the year of the year of the year of the year of. Tianjin, second-hand housing transaction volume decreased by 20% compared to the same period in September to 30%. Central Plains real estate market director Zhang Dawei said that the reason for the sharp decline in the transaction is the rapid tightening of the property market policy. In the case of uncertainty is still expected, the introduction of policies to allow buyers to wait and see, or is expected to slow down. It is worth noting that the transaction is still obvious differentiation. CRIC Research Center report shows that in Beijing, Shanghai turnover fell 4 year on year, Guangzhou turnover was up by more than 454%. Meanwhile, in Nanjing, Xiamen and other hot market cooling significantly, while Nanchang, Nanning and other places fiery turnover. Data show that Nanchang 2016 national day seven days a total turnover of residential area of 203 thousand and 100 square meters, compared with the same period in 2015, the same period in 2014 rose by 344% and 292%. Ji’nan is more than in 2015, the same period in 2014 rose sharply by 322% and 980%. Yang Kewei, an analyst at CRIC Research Institute, said the spillover of capital to hot cities has prompted a sharp rise. For example, in Suzhou under the policy tightening, Yangzhou, Wenzhou this year golden week turnover compared with last year rose 157% and 320%, while Guangdong, Foshan, Dongguan collective policy tightening, but also leads to some demand spillover to Jiangmen, Shaoguan City, Shaoguan national day 7 days a total turnover of 86 thousand and 300 square meters, up 157% over the same period in 2015. Yang Kewei said that the property has become the whole society to maintain the value of the assets of financial instruments. In excess capacity, industrial investment low-spirited background, asset allocation shortage increasingly)相关的主题文章: