Quanzhou, a man robbed because of his girlfriend smashed Chateau wine bottle on 15 thousand easeljs

Quanzhou, a man robbed because his girlfriend smashed a bottle of wine on the 15 thousand at Chateau Herald News (reporter Chen Longshan correspondent Wang Rongcan Chen Zhengyang) mistakenly thought that the ex girlfriend was winery shareholders "bubble", heart grievances, hire others smashed winery. The day before, Lv Mouzhong and other 5 people were Fengze District procuratorate prosecution for alleged crime of intentional destruction of property. Wearing a peaked cap, Mongolia face masks, armed with machetes, sticks…… 2015 12 15 at noon, a winery is located in the fortress city district into the 4 devils man, waving machetes and sticks to wine, a glass door smashed, then sped away. Winery inventory, a total of 5 bottles of wine damaged in the smashed, of which there is a bottle of "Louis thirteen" foreign wine, the market price of nearly 15 thousand yuan. Police quickly arrested 5 suspects involved in the case. The trial found that the suspect Lv Mouzhong’s former girlfriend "Xiao Li" by a man named "fat" man "bubble walk", Lv Mouzhong to "fat" had hatred, waiting for revenge. One day in October 2015, when Lv Mouzhong and his friends came to the Chateau to buy wine, he happened to see "ah fat", and he was considered to be the shareholder of the winery. Subsequently, he hired suspect Ge, cold and other 4 people to chateau smashed, after the payment of the remuneration of 3000 yuan.

泉州一男子因女友被抢打砸酒庄 砸一瓶酒就1.5万   导报讯(记者 陈龙山 通讯员 王荣灿 陈正扬)误以为前女友被酒庄股东“泡走”,心生不忿,雇佣他人打砸酒庄。日前,吕某忠等5人因涉嫌故意毁坏财物罪被丰泽区检察院提起公诉。   头戴鸭舌帽,脸蒙口罩,手持砍刀、棍棒……2015年12月15日中午,位于泉州市丰泽区的一家酒庄闯入了4名凶神恶煞的男子,挥舞着手中的砍刀和棍棒,对着酒柜、玻璃门一顿打砸,随后扬长而去。   经酒庄盘点,共有5瓶洋酒在打砸中毁损,其中有一瓶“路易十三”洋酒,市场售价近1.5万元。   警方很快抓获了涉案的5名犯罪嫌疑人。   经审理查明,嫌疑人吕某忠的前女友“小丽”被一个名叫“阿胖”的男子“泡走”,吕某忠对“阿胖”产生了恨意,伺机报复。2015年10月的一天,吕某忠与朋友到酒庄买酒时,恰巧看到“阿胖”也在此,便猜想他是这家酒庄的股东。随后,他雇佣嫌疑人葛某、冷某等4人到酒庄进行打砸,事后支付了酬金3000元。相关的主题文章: