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Quan Zhilong Komatsu Nana and Mizuhara Kiko love love not only hit the face or your bestie feel shy, her husband Quan Zhilong’s love suspected exposure, your enemy is on the line. This morning, right Zhilong ins trumpet was black, a large number of private photos exposed, these photos record a pure boy and a little girl. There are two people Louloubaobao intimate photo. There is such a high angle Chikan paste side yan. And, the first angle shot pajamas as fingers. The photo inside the girl called Komatsu Nana, a Japanese model, in fact, long before, and Komatsu dishes right Zhilong Nai rumored, but today is a ins so black, love is real hammer. Think about the right Zhilong before the rumored girlfriend, Mizuhara Kiko is Japan a few magazine models. 2017 spring and summer London Fashion Week: Julien Macdonald sexy how to come to such a look, GD really is a single-minded love of Japanese hemp ah. No wonder the king will fall, the Japanese Mattau circles are the best, all the juicy, adorable, especially after this year a hybrid wind, high quality. Komatsu Nana from today’s heroine Komatsu Nana started talking about it, born in 1996 Komatsu dish "right Zhilong 8 years younger, at the age of 14 because of the good fit to Yan models of identity debut. When I first started filming, I was told that there was no need to do anything special to the station. Because of the sweet appearance, coupled with the natural wind from a faction, Komatsu Nana debut soon became popular. Big eyes, high nose, thick lips and cheeks, a few moles, appearance is not beautiful, but wins in a comfortable temperament. Especially when laughing, warm, very comfortable. Found that the Japanese girl’s smile is a good cure there are wood, they laugh Oh, really people can not help but want to come forward. Wear what is not important, look at the face on the line, referring to her. For example, someone else will be dressed in a fairy, she would wear only feel that "no pollution" and what style of photos are taken, such as the mouth of a flower or something, but also can not be taken so natural is also a powerful. There are photos of the Diablo series can make people to get. Playful, fresh, what can hold live. The style of dress is also very like, can make ordinary single product mix and style of leisure. Because it looks like a cartoon heroine, 18 year old went to the movie, 2014 because of a film "desire", Komatsu Nai not only swept the major Japanese food festival, the increased visibility of several level, as saying in the drama, she and the 8 actors are kissing. The movie just poke a screenshot, are small enough to make people cry. The envy of most people is that she is "heroine close love", the male is Tomohisa Yamashita, the loving monk is shortly before the scraper still remember? Recently, micro-blog’s "the sweet to snore teacher under the platform from female students" stems, is this drama. Yan good has a function that is, and who are able to face with no sense of violation. Moreover, Komatsu Nana took a few years in the magazine, after a few films, directly into the international fashion circles, in 2015 to participate in the Seoul!相关的主题文章: