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Qiu days the new season is still not playing CBA  Shougang hybrid center declined to "spoil things by excessive enthusiasm" – Sports — people.com.cn original title: Shougang hybrid center declined "day is spoil things by excessive enthusiasm" mound National Youth regular in the Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned yesterday, half center Qiu Tian Beijing Shougang youth team in the new season will not be transferred to a team CBA. He will be in Shougang youth team or continue to work in the national youth basketball team. Although the appearance of the sky looks like a foreign aid, but he is a real Beijing basketball players. Qiu Tian’s mother is Beijing people, especially the old father Ghani Nigerian, who had played in the Nicks NBA team. Qiu days into Chaoyang Sports School basketball amateur training at the age of 9, 13 years into the Beijing Shougang team three team started professional training. Two years later, Qiu days to Beijing Shougang youth team, in the guidance of coach Claudio Zhang Yunsong has two years of time, progress quickly. He inherited his parents’ movement genes in physical condition, and last year he was 07 meters tall, and he was about 2. And in the day hill had done a test bone to predict his height can grow to about 2 meters 10. More important is the day hill a pair of long arm. The youth team coach Zhang Yunsong told reporters BYD: "compared with the same age players, Qiu days have the advantage in the physical condition." Qiu days into the national youth basketball training list at the end of last year, he also became the first national youth basketball players – history. After the screening day to become a member of this hill in the U18 Yaqingsai in. In some sessions of hill day performance is very good, such as the national youth basketball team against India, Qiu days once single game got 20 points. The hill day in the performance of Yaqingsai also caused the FIBA official website on the website wrote that hill day in future period. Therefore, the outside world for Qiu days have great expectations, especially in Shougang team at the lack of good center situation, many Beijing fans hope hill Tianneng as soon as possible to a team. BYD reporter learned that, before the Beijing Shougang team coach Min Lulei also asked the hill day, but then after some consideration, decided to let Qiu days continue to exercise some time in the youth team. One of the important considerations is that if you let the sky to a team, he is not as good as the opportunity to play in the youth team. And we all agree that the most important thing now is to increase the ability to read the game, and this is the need to accumulate a lot of his game to achieve. It should be noted that Qiu Tian in the next may also enter the national youth basketball training mode. Although the national youth basketball team crashed, lost in the Qualification Tournament of the next year in the year Yaqingsai, but the training mode of the team long-term training does not change, and day belong to this group of outstanding Hill National Youth Team among the. (commissioning editor Zhang Fan and Yang Lei)相关的主题文章: