Qiao Jian how do I become associate senior vice president from the Secretary gamelink

Qiao Jian: how do I become Lenovo senior vice president Qiao Jiangang met the chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group Yang Yuanqing or Liu Chuanzhi’s secretary from the Secretary, and now she is senior vice president of Lenovo, Lenovo is responsible for global human resources work. Qiao Jian and Kang Youlan photo in her eyes, to their maximum value Lenovo is brought about by the "connector" and "cross cultural connection to all staff and management link": "we are now the highest management layer, nine people from six different nationalities. You want to make these nine people work together, really have a bridge role. You see is male, but let these men work together very friendly, very trusting work together, any friction and misunderstanding between them, I have them to solve the problem of connector." She says the most common way to communicate with people from different cultures is to "treat everyone as an adult": stay open, willing to communicate and listen, and build a relationship of mutual trust. Today, Lenovo’s management to manage foreign employees. They don’t have any one to bother us, because we’re going to listen to it with a sense of curiosity, not to think that this is what we do in China, and we have to do it." In 1990, she entered the association work from Fudan University after graduation, after work on time is a sitting staff dormitory, her boyfriend knit girl. Secretary for six months, she accidentally got the opportunity to buy Lenovo employees housing, Yang Yuanqing is her neighbor. 95 years, she transferred to the Department in charge of his work in the market, the first career was an important opportunity for Yang Yuanqing to impose on her – because doing a good job in marketing, she was appointed to manage the market department. Later, from the human resources into a responsible strategy, but also after she recommended him to a number of candidates, Yang Yuanqing selected her. Her 25 year bestie Li Lan met Qiao Jian in the human resources department, and later went to Hongkong to work for a period of time to come back to find the quiet, unassuming girl turned into a very strong leadership, responsible for the entire China market. She felt that Yang Yuanqing valued his "work very hard, how to analyze the nature of everything to ensure that the next time will do better; and customers, an hand in a velvet glove; dealing with the media, will listen to." From the Secretary to the sales, marketing, human resources, strategy, and then back to global human resources. To adapt to the role of these large span of change with Qiao Jian’s learning spirit inseparable, she said that this is the most important thing she do human resources management of a person’s quality. "Knowledge is updated, and the most important thing is to learn. When I first transferred to the human resources, basically spent a year and a half, every week will go to class, learning. Later, when I turn to the strategy, I will arrange a consulting company every week, or there are people who have a strategy to give me lectures." Qiao Jian said his experience is "warmly embrace change, and maintain a frank recognition of their ‘no’ attitude to ask others". Recently, she and another female executive Kang Youlan wrote the "East meets the west" to sum up their experience, she said that this is his "greater ideal": the experience of Lenovo internationalization"相关的主题文章: