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Putin’s plane was close to Swiss airspace aircraft containment is a routine practice? – Sohu news mount ammunition F-18, son of Foreign Affairs (WeChat ID:xjb-waishier) did not hear it? F-18 is the first U.S. military both fighter and attack aircraft identity model. For this reason, as the most important carrier of the United States Navy aircraft, F-18 uses a wide range, it can be used both at sea and air defense, but also to ground attack. So, fly away from Switzerland in the Putin plane, the Swiss military action to stop. Although both safe and sound, in the event of near misses, but after Russia is very angry, because this is not the head of the plane by courtesy. 19, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zaha Lo Va live in Russia -24 hours of television program on the Putin plane by the Swiss Military trailing to respond to the incident, she said, "I once again stressed that the Swiss aircraft is too close to the Russian aircraft, too close to the distance that passengers worried. We did not ignore the news related to the media, the Russian Embassy in Switzerland also asked the Swiss side to explain this. We await the explanation by the Swiss side, after receiving the relevant instructions will respond in an appropriate form." In this regard, the Swiss military spokesman explained to the media 19, said the move is just a routine practice, not for a country. Expert: "if not visit other countries will not send military escort" then head plane transit in the end what is the routine? Our Concierge before foreign secretary Lu Peixin on foreign affairs. (WeChat ID:xjb-waishier) said that the heads of both plane transit his country or landed his country gas needs through diplomatic note get the other consent. Heads of state to travel, we have to advance through diplomatic channels to all countries to apply for transit, if you need to provide a description of what services to provide, what security needs. Lu Peixin stressed that the head of the plane crossing each other’s national airspace, if you have permission in advance, then no need to accept inspection in transit, everything is completely exempt, without being checked. Not only that, but also to guarantee the safety of transit countries, to ensure the absolute safety of aircraft flight routes, heads of longitude and latitude to inform each other in advance, our crew will continue to contact with the ground staff of other countries, if not visit other countries won’t send military escort. So the Swiss do have a British make an unnecessary move, never too big thing in the newspaper "the sun" and even "the Swiss Military Putin following the third world war intensified panic" title. Another tabloid newspaper "Daily Mail" also respond to this argument, in their opinion the new Cold War exacerbated the panic, because in the two day Russia has just launched a supersonic missile, with only 13 minutes to get to the uk. Although the two British media said some exaggeration, but the head plane is trailing is really unacceptable, especially in Russia that the fighting spirit is national ambition. In fact, in the past, some heads of state have also suffered a plane was unreasonable treatment of the situation. Be suspected of.相关的主题文章: