Provincial economic operation of the 31 provinces and cities around the emergency deployment of stea 9c8814

The State Council in 31 provinces in economic operation of local emergency deployment of steady growth in the inspection according to the "twenty-first Century economic report", according to the arrangement, the State Council assigned 15 inspection teams, from September 18th onwards, the 2 week, respectively to 31 provinces and autonomous regions and economic operation. It is reported that this inspection will involve the implementation of the State Council this year, steady growth policy, as well as the supply side reform landing, the implementation of innovation, protection and improve people’s livelihood and other issues. The main purpose is to ensure the completion of the main objectives of economic and social development throughout the year. Currently only 10 days from the start of the inspection team, more recently, has been stepping up self-examination, the deployment of steady growth in order to meet the inspection. According to public reports, the recent Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Anhui and other provinces and autonomous regions have held a meeting of the government, the deployment of the work to meet the requirements of the inspection and steady growth. Chairman of the board of directors of the the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region municipal government recently chaired a meeting of salt and salt pointed out that to further strengthen the implementation of various policies, to do a good job of the State Council to do a good job of supervision. Strive to sprint four months after the end of this year to ensure the completion of the annual task. We should make great efforts to protect and promote steady growth, investment income, to ensure that the main indicators of economic growth, investment in fixed assets, fiscal revenue, the income of urban and rural residents to achieve the desired objectives, to ensure the full completion of the objectives and tasks identified in the government work report. Anhui in September 2nd to promote steady growth of investment in television and telephone conference. The meeting pointed out that this year, the province’s main index is running at a reasonable range, but at the same time, steady growth, expand effective investment facing great pressure, is a private investment growth rate down; two is the lack of major project reserves, we must attach great importance to. Inner Mongolia recently held a joint meeting to promote the construction of urban infrastructure and projects, a total of 307 projects to promote the community, with a total investment of 86 billion 300 million yuan. Hubei, Liaoning, Henan and other government departments issued a document on the steady growth and other work arrangements. According to the twenty-first Century economic report, around the emergency action is, since this year despite many advances in the steady growth, but the economic downward pressure is still large, the supply side structural reforms, also face the difficult problem of execution.相关的主题文章: