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To enhance the bilateral relations of   promote the dream – International – China Unicom chairman Xi Jinping on prior to Bangladesh has milepost sense visit will enhance bilateral relations to strategic partnership. China has a population of 1 billion 300 million, is to achieve the dream of the Chinese struggle; Bangladesh has a population of 160 million, is the "golden Bengal" dream. Bangladesh from all walks of life that visit to open a new chapter in Bangladesh friendly relations between the two countries in the pursuit of a dream let go closer, pragmatic cooperation between the two countries will achieve more fruitful results. For the direction of long-term cooperation during the visit, the leaders of the two countries to develop a blueprint for the future development of bilateral relations, strategic partnership will be the traditional friendship between the two sides to a new height. The two sides agreed to strengthen strategic docking, to jointly promote the "The Belt and Road construction, build the new layout of large cooperation projects in bangladesh. China is Bangladesh’s first strategic partner, the two sides in the field of trade, investment, agriculture, energy, infrastructure and other areas of great potential." Bangladesh President Hamid said that Bangladesh is willing to continue with China to support each other in each other’s core interests, willing to become a development partner Chinese reliable, and strengthen coordination in major international and regional issues. Bangladesh Prime Minister Hasina in an interview with this reporter, said President Xi Jinping’s visit to Bangladesh, the bilateral relations to a higher level. Meng Chinese of appreciated Bangladesh development to provide financial and technical support, infrastructure construction, transportation, energy and other areas to carry out extensive cooperation between the two countries is not only beneficial to the two countries to achieve mutual benefit and win-win, and help to promote common development of the countries of the region. "President Xi Jinping’s historic visit to China, and long-term cooperation in the direction, make a plan for the people of Bangladesh look far ahead from a high plane, full of confidence in the future development!" Enterprise Research Institute, former ambassador of Bangladesh Farouk Khan told reporters cable cloth?. Local media reports on President Xi Jinping’s visit to bangladesh. Bangladesh "today news" pointed out that President Xi Jinping’s visit is the concrete practice of Chinese Pro Cheng Hui Yung surrounding the concept of diplomatic practice, is also an important part of Chinese aims to establish a new international relations, mutual benefit and win-win as the core of the construction of human fate hard points. China has long welcomed the neighboring countries to take the express train of China’s development, is willing to share development achievements. To the real benefit of the people of China is Bangladesh’s largest trading partner, bilateral trade amounted to $14 billion 700 million last year. Bangladesh is China in South Asia’s third largest trading partner and the third largest engineering contracting market, China companies are becoming increasingly active in Bangladesh, the country’s most advanced large scale chemical fertilizer plant, the largest international exhibition center, the people of Bangladesh "dream bridge", by the construction of Chinese enterprises. Joint statement in Bangladesh, the two sides will strengthen cooperation within the framework of the Asian infrastructure investment bank, the Asian investment bank to Bangladesh to provide financing support for the reform of the distribution system to promote the project. This project is one of the first batch of 4 loan projects approved by the Asian investment bank, the Asian investment bank to provide a loan of $165 million, will make Bangladesh相关的主题文章: