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Prepare pregnant but not to fill, the key here – Sohu has become one of the key words of maternal pregnancy most concerned want baby young women, many young women began to actively prepare, in preparation for the first half of pregnancy about diet, supplements, and even to prepare pregnant adjustment work, so as to be able to easily happy to devote to the army to prepare pregnant. What is the significance of pregnancy? The purpose of pregnancy is mainly to improve the chances of pregnancy, reduce the rate of spontaneous abortion, reduce the incidence of congenital diseases. With the development of science, the cause of many diseases have a clear diagnosis and prevention, scientific pregnancy can significantly reduce the incidence of many congenital diseases, improve the health of mothers and babies. This is a scientific examination before pregnancy pregnancy preparation an important part, in addition to the exclusion of other chromosomal and genetic diseases may, pre pregnancy check some important effects on diagnosis of pregnancy diseases, timely treatment can reduce the occurrence of abortion, fetal malformation. As the pre inspection of common female TORCH is about four, Toxoplasma gondii, herpes simplex virus, rubella virus and cytomegalovirus infection, four TORCH positive IgM is one of the common causes of abortion. As in the pre pregnancy was found after treatment, can be pregnant again, avoid infection do not affect pregnancy or pregnancy, fetus. For example, thyroid function, thyroid abnormality is an important disease affecting pregnancy, fetal development, hypothyroidism after pregnancy, if not treated, can lead to fetal abnormalities, mental retardation and other diseases, pre pregnancy check can discover the female thyroid abnormalities, to avoid unnecessary tragedy. For example, before the oral examination, breast examination is also very necessary, can save a lot of trouble after pregnancy. 1, the importance of folic acid folic acid is self-evident, related to the development of the nervous system of the fetus, which is every pregnant mother must be added. Although folic acid extracted from green leafy vegetables, but because of its instability, pregnant mothers can not rely on a normal diet can be added oh. To choose the regular professional hospital of Folic Acid Tablets, in the preparation of pregnancy three months pregnant and three months after taking time, also need to pay attention to the use of folic acid is not excessive. 2, the pre inspection recommendations for pregnancy check prepare pregnant couples before pregnancy 3-6 months, will not be conducive to the dominant pregnancy preparation invisible factors. If the pre inspection of well prepared pregnant couples can ease the pregnancy everything in good order and well arranged, what if there are adverse factors, early detection and early treatment will soon have a baby. Why not?? 3, stop the daily contraceptive contraceptive pill couples should be in preparation for the first 6 months of pregnancy, stop taking the pill, the contraceptive components of the body completely metabolized, to avoid the adverse effects on the fetus may be caused by. 4, stop smoking wine should prepare pregnant couple 3-6 months earlier to stop smoking alcohol, nicotine in cigarettes and alcohol in the alcohol will reduce the sperm and egg quality and vitality, reduce the chances of pregnancy, there is a need to pay attention to, prepare pregnant mothers secondhand smoke may also lead to abnormal fetal.相关的主题文章: