Players 3 times into the pit of Warcraft defeat set too messy task no challenge

Game player 3 times into the pit of Warcraft failed: set too messy task did not challenge World of Warcraft attract, because it is the magnificent atmosphere of the game scene, improve the macro world setting, the blood of the game CG, blizzard of fantasy like a gilded signboard. So I have a total of three attempts to go into the pit, the first to say as a novice is what kind of feeling. First of all, I would like to emphasize that the shortcomings of the game scene is super magnificent, very real, but the characters appear.. A little bit of a cartoon? Anyway, a little cool ah, in the CG handsome tile king, in the game very silly.. However, my own player characters look stupid… But change the system even praise ah, ring shoes also can be displayed. The map will have Adventure Island (micro-blog), white light portal to the next map, just like the real world, then as a junior high school student is really love, but because of heavy workload, to ten level AFK cards are not used. Later work, because the 7 version, with king CG watt super handsome, and send the hearthstone Paladin skin, and start to play is to feel too simple, but a way to do the task to brush past, there is no sense of challenge a sense of crisis, as if to see the scenery, sometimes feel tired, even well-known, far and near the new killer Hoge also gave me a single hand to kill… Too boring, then found the game player can be singled out, try… A biography of Jiabao taught me to be a man… No strength to fight back. It’s like the killing of the RMB players feel like the same as the World of Warcraft set too.. Mess up.. At least for a novice, completely foggy. I’m interested in wow, but most of the time I don’t know what I’m doing. Why not set a sign beside the black dragon head storm outside, tell us why she was hanging head wall. Placed in the Dalaran square next to Khadka Khadka in the end in the propaganda of passers-by can explain what to the game player. The group of people who were refused to log in the storm City Pier in the end who is, how the follow-up. The game has too many eggs and the plot, but cramming the plug to the novice, never accept ah, but a lot of eggs will miss, from A to Z do not know there is a task line too much to do when going to Jisi, I have been doing the expedition to Northrend, the task in helping the black front knights, won what do the tower, 80. Then go to the big disaster.. What the hell, I haven’t challenged the Lich king.. Fuck, I just know later Peter is still silver front waiting for me… But I’m 80.. Can not go back to do 70 tasks the slot is automatically match the copy, fuck, I don’t know what is a copy of the story, introduce too short, then go after the team did not give me time to look at the task, directly rushed forward… I will kill all the way in the past, so brush brush brush to the 90 level.. Then Tucao World of Warcraft war… On both sides of the soldiers, like a fool, wandering aimlessly in the battlefield, and the spider in the forest Alvin what is the difference, there is no sense of war相关的主题文章: