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Careers-Employment With entrepreneurship being the trend in the Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad (IIM-A), placement consultancy in Orissa there are some who want best of both worlds. There is a group of five students at IIMA who have taken up jobs with corporate giants but still want a feel of entrepreneurship, especially in the social sector. These five students, who graduated on Saturday from the PGP batch of 2008, came together before they became classmates in the institute and initiated Disha in 2007. Under Disha, the IIM-A students provide career counselling programmes for aspiring management and engineering students. The story does not end there, all the earnings that are made out of these counselling sessions and workshops are given to a Pune-based NGO called Spandan. I founded Spandan in 2003 while I was studying at the Government College of Engineering, Pune. The organization helps street children and supports their education. As the scale of the organization increased, our operational cost increased as well. It was then that we thought of Disha as a fund-raising activity for Spandan, says Rushikesh Humbe. The other students with Humbe are Vinamra Srivastava, Ranjit Bhide, Tejas Chavan and Dyanesh Shah. Till now, we have conducted sessions and workshops in Pune but now we plan to expand the operations in other cities of Maharashtra as well. The first time we conducted the counselling sessions in 2006, we trained 94. It was conducted by students who had cracked their CAT and IIM-A interviews. The same was replicated by us in May 2007, when all of us were doing our internships in Mumbai, said Humbe. All the five students have accepted jobs in the corporate world with top-notch consultancy firms but insist that they will continue giving their services for Disha. Srivastava, who has accepted the offer of an associate consultant with Arthur D Little in Singapore, said, It is not that we are associated with Disha for just that one event in a year. Throughout the year, we interact with students through emails and web portals. Till we join our future .panies, there is still time of two months and the next session of Disha has been planned during that time. Talking about the initiative, students placement officer at NID, Sujitha Nair said that world over, the design schools have started the practice of putting up students work in form of searchable portfolios that can be accessed by the design .munity and the industry. placement consultants The portfolio not only gives the students international exposure but also showcases their creative and ac.plishments. We pitched the idea with the students and faculties and they agreed to it enthusiastically. It took us five months to collate up to 500 online portfolios in searchable format and linked it with our industry interface webpage. Thus, job consultancy in Bhubaneswar the .pany officials can directly search the name of the applicant and see his or her work even before visiting the campus, she said. The initiative is a landmark as far as connecting industries and students is concerned, she added. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: