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Home-Improvement An interesting add on to the decorative art or even a simple wall hanging is the picture light that helps to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the art piece when the light is made to fall on the piece at particular angles. These picture lights add more appeal to the existing artwork like nothing else can. They have the ability to bring out the colors, the strokes and the fine details in the piece of art and project it like a master piece. Generally, for decorative purposes, people tend to place wall hangings or small miniature art pieces in the household or even the place of work in order to add some decor to the existing place. The beauty of all these art pieces can be made more profound by placing the picture lights at the right angle. Mostly, all the art galleries and the museums have these kind of lightings in their establishment and this helps the people visiting the place to appreciate the particular piece or have a proper look at a specimen in the museum. The picture lights consist of five different types of lights that are contained in the bulbs used for lighting. These bulbs are generally made of, Incandescent lights: Emits light as the filament inside starts to heat up with the rise in temperature. Fluorescent lights: The CFL in the bulb emits the invisible UV light when electricity is passed. Tungsten lights: The tungsten filament in the bulb is heated when the temperature rises when electricity is switched on. LED lighting: As the electricity is switched on, the electrons get excited and release photons which in turn emit light. Halogen lights: These have filaments that are a mixture of quartz and tungsten and so considered to be an advanced form of the regular tungsten bulbs. Each of the lighting systems that are used has an advantage of their own and can be used for particular purposes. When particular picture lights are used for particular occasions, the beauty of the artwork is seen to be accentuated in a better way. These picture lights are available in decorative patterns so that these do not appear out of place when they are placed next to the artwork. All the places that have these lightings prefer to have them in the following types, Spotlights: These light settings can be fixed at particular spots and can be used for highlighting either a miniature sculpture or a wall hanging. Wall mounted lights: These saves up the space that is required for placing the lights and are generally compatible with the wall hangings. Bulkhead lightings: These are in some way similar to the wall mounted types, but are round in shape and form a part of the ceiling or wall and the bulb in this can be rotated in whichever direction it is needed. Submersible lights: These lights are used when the sculpture or a miniature piece of art needs to be highlighted. About the Author: Crescent Harbor Lighting is an ecommerce store specializing in high quality handmade and rustic style lighting fixtures, including chandeliers , sconces, ceiling fans, floor and table lamps, onion light, and picture lights ( crescentharbor.com/picture-lights ) from leading brands such as Minka Lavery, Casablanca, Troy Lighting, The Modern Fan Company, etc. Article Published On: http://www.articlesnatch.com – Home-Improvement When looking for services for relocation of your office, you need to hire the professional movers and follow some general instructions. The commercial contractors can help you out in the job at really affordable prices for sure. Tags: 相关的主题文章: