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[picture] a little bowl recommended Monday "today how so good luck" – see "Sohu maternal luck today how so good" the title let the little bowl happy. This is a curse, do you believe it? "How good luck today" is Miyanishi Dachiya in published fourth picture books, before the three "you look very delicious", "dragon", "king you" are telling the dinosaur warm story. Miyanishi Dachiya’s works have strong stylistic features. In addition to language is full of fun, the style can also be a glimpse of identification. Influenced by Matisse and Picasso, the paintings are full of distortion and exaggeration. One day, the wolf went into the forest of Urumqi nap. The pigs are taking a nap. "Wow, so much! Today, how luck, how so good!" He was afraid to wake up the pig, and whispered, "1, 2, 3, only 4…… 11, 12, only 13, only 14……" The number of ah ah, how can not count the number. "So much, I can’t eat it alone. Today, how good luck! Whee…… That’s right, I’m going to tell you." This smile ran away. This came to a good friend wow home. Dong dong! "Wow, you are at home? I see such a nap forest, guess what, black……" Just say, groan, the door will open. "A piece of mushroom, with long black is? I just went to take a nap! You see, I made a pot of delicious curry mushroom. This, we eat together!" Awwww said smiling. With two wolves oh oh ~ "! Tasty!" "So much milk and mushrooms!" Oh oh ~ then, wow and gave him a lot of curry mushroom "if love, take home to eat!" This smiling go "Oh Oh, so good luck today, how…… ah, yes, I forgot to tell him about the pig…… OK, go home – Lulu." Gallops "Lord Lulu, are you home? When I went to nap Lin, discovered a secret, you guess… "… just here, groan, the door will open. "I found a secret in the forest, too, and there were lots of apples. So, you see, I made an apple pie. Come on, let’s have a freshly baked apple pie!" Goo Lulu said happily. With two wolves Baji Baji "delicious! Tasty!" "Apple baked soft, delicious!" Then Lulu and Baji Baji, goo gave him a lot of Apple Pie you back to eat!" This smilingly walked "luck today, how, how so good… Ah…, forgot to tell him about the pig… OK, go home Belo..!" Bite – when "Hey, shellfish.相关的主题文章: