Philosophical dialectical thinking is the lever of

The philosophy of dialectical thinking is to leverage the principles for the actions of sina finance opinion leader (WeChat public kopleader) columnist Mo Kaiwei philosophy of dialectical thinking core mode of thinking required to observe and analyze problems, to dynamic development view, namely in observing and dealing with problems, make full use of the unity of opposites, mutual change of quality and quantity the method of thinking and the denial of thinking, to overcome the one-sided, isolated, static and mechanical way of thinking and style of work. In August 29th and September 12th, the "people’s Daily" respectively published reporter deep black four provincial enterprises to sue Luji debt disposal situation special investigation report, consists of two parts, namely "enterprises to leverage, how are you doing? And the "one size fits all" can not be allowed to "two depth investigation report, to go on a deep analysis of the lever, a comprehensive, scientific grasp of" deleveraging "has a strong guiding significance. After reading the text of the two, let people have a clear understanding of the enterprise high leverage causes, how to leverage, especially below "deleveraging" across the board "the four" deleveraging methods shall be put forward, namely force "to" and "go" and "go", and "classification", more people give a person find everything fresh and new feeling, filled with wisdom, let a person. Think carefully, the four way to the essence of the essence of the philosophy of dialectical thinking. The core concept of the philosophy of dialectical thinking mode of thinking required to observe and analyze problems, to dynamic development view, namely in observing and dealing with problems, make full use of the unity of opposites thinking method, thinking method and the quality and quantity of the negation of negation thinking method, overcome the isolation, one-sided, static, mechanical way of thinking and style of work. The use of this mode of thinking to the current corporate deleveraging process, it needs the government and various departments not only to leverage and blindly reduced leverage, and should focus on the long-term development of enterprises, that is to leverage with leverage, and comprehensively improve the quality of the leverage to leverage, leverage and process. Ultimately promote the enterprise to survive and go out of the dilemma, and lay a solid foundation for steady growth. The "people’s Daily" published "deleveraging" across the board "to make every kind of method proposed are not" embodied to leverage the philosophy of dialectical meaning: from the first "force" to "see", deleveraging is a social system, banks and enterprises by the government, the power of a single department it is difficult to work, need to use the method of comprehensive contact, launched in all sectors of society to work together to play the collective wisdom, to leverage to gain momentum, otherwise will accomplish nothing. As the people’s daily puts forward, "creditors are like a team of people carrying wood, so that we can share the burden of debt, and there is hope. If any of the links out of the question, there is no one to walk away, the wood will collapse instantly." In this regard, China Banking Regulatory Commission to encourage commercial banks to set up a committee of creditors, commercial banks do not need to borrow loans, not limited to loans, not pressure loans, enterprises can gradually leverage, but also to avoid the embarrassment of deleveraging. Obviously, the creditors’ committee before the change of financial institutions, to fight the enemy separately)相关的主题文章: