Peng Shuai promised not to retire in 2017 before returning to the target singles 100-zibba

Peng Shuai promised not to retire in 2017 100 before returning to the target singles Peng Shuai us out of the first round of five Chinese flower collective broke into the US second round, as a senior Peng Shuai did not follow their footsteps. In Beijing yesterday at the end of the 2016 US Open women’s singles first round matches, Peng Shuai missed the match against the United States veteran Lepp senchenko stop the first round. After the game, Peng Shuai said he really wanted to win the game in particular, to come before his special wish to win the first Grand Slam singles victory, but now it seems only next year." In order to catch up with the Rio Olympic Games, Peng Shuai only 4 months after the operation, and usually the same type of operation should be a recovery of 8 months. From her performance in the game is not difficult to see, this is now the leading Chinese women’s network has not fully recovered to the best state. "It’s harder than you think before you do surgery. In fact, in the process of their own had thought, if a year or two years later encountered this situation, I may not do surgery, the direct choice of retired…… But now everything is moving in the positive direction, I can still play." Although the us round lost some regret, but Peng Shuai said since the choice of the operation, it must be in whatever circumstances put together again: "no matter how I will retire in 2017. Now I hope that the body to recover first, to see if the singles can be played back to the first 100, as the final can be restored to what kind of, or some of the reality, starting from their own physical condition to look at it."相关的主题文章: