Peking University ranked the world’s twenty-ninth British media China has become a super power of Ed

Peking University ranked twenty-ninth in the world China gradually became the British media: super powers – Beijing Education Reference News Network September 22nd British media reported that, 2016-2017 times higher education world university rankings just released, the University of Oxford in the UK for the first time to become the top universities, the five California Institute of Technology pushed to second. The latest rankings show Asian universities rankings continue to enhance the universities of Europe is mixed. According to the BBC Chinese network reported on September 22nd, the times higher education in teaching, research and international outlook (for example, the number of overseas students and faculty) as the standard, as the world’s 980 best university ranking. The rankings were first occupied by British universities. However, the report refers to a referendum on the EU to withdraw from the EU may cause instability in higher education, the impact of cooperation between the United Kingdom and overseas universities in academic research. Singapore’s Asia crown reported that, as in the past, Asian universities continue to climb in the latest rankings, the top 200, the Asian university added 4, a total of 19. National University of Singapore ranked highest in all Asian institutions, located in 24 place, is the highest ranking of the university. Reported that the Peking University is the highest among the 52 universities in China, jumped from the last year, the 42 place to the 29 place, Tsinghua University rose from last year’s 47 to 35. Of the 6 universities in Hongkong, the top 200 in the top 5, is the largest in all regions of Asia into the top 200. Among them, the highest ranking in the 43 University of Hong Kong. Taiwan, National Taiwan University ranked 195, the remaining 25 universities are outside the top 200. Take off the threat of university performance, said the United States has 148 universities on the list, of which 63 are located in the top 200, ranking the highest in the second California Institute of Technology. University ranking editor Phil Bhatti said? Asia is evolving into a super education area, especially Chinese, is in sharp contrast to europe. At top of University of Oxford said he was happy, but worried about the impact of the British and European higher education. "The result of this referendum has brought instability to the education sector." "There are reports that a number of research projects in collaboration with the European Union have been frozen, and many have admitted that they may leave the uk. This will affect the future of attracting international talent in the uk." European countries, the Swiss Federal Institute of technology in Zurich for second consecutive years ranked the top 41 universities in Germany, the top 100 in the top 13; Holland’s top 200 universities in the top ninth. However, the 27 universities in France, a drop in the ranking of one in three; Italy ranked half of the top half of the 29 universities. Reported that the central and Eastern European institutions are not as good as the ideal, only one university in Czech in the top 600, last year, there are 6; Romania’s ranking of the top 4 universities fell.相关的主题文章: