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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Panasonic’s DMP-B15K is the worlds first portable Blu-ray Player. Released last year in 2009, the DMP-B15K at first glance may confuse some people. Many will think how Blu-ray’s stunning visual quality can get transferred to a small 8.9 inch screen? The answer is it does not; not very well anyway. But the point of the Panasonic DMP-B15K is to allow you to view your Blu-ray Collection in places you normally can’t. Such as on a plane or hotel room. The DMP-B15K ac.plishes this task very well. It .es with a wide range of portable car accessories and has a HDMI output if you want to connect it to a HDTV. Because it can be used as a standalone Blu-ray Player, Panasonic has included a list of features you would normally find on a standalone Player. The design of the DMP-B15K is one of it’s major flaws. The DMP-B15K has an unusual design that makes it feel large and bulky. This is not a good attribute for a portable device. For example, most portable DVD players have a sleek clamshell design. You just open the player up and start watching. The screen for the DMP-B15K has to be folded open, then swiveled 180 degrees and pulled down. You then position the player as you would a digital picture frame using the plastic stand located on the back. The stand on the back contributes largely to making the player feel bulky. Also adding to the bulkiness of the DMP-B15K is the battery. It .es with a rechargeable battery that Panasonic states should be good for 3 hours. Independent test done by experts rates the battery life to be more about 2.5 hours. This should be long enough to watch a regular Blu-ray Movie. But a longer lasting battery would have been preferable. Of course if you are watching movies where there is a power outlet, the battery is not needed. If you are traveling by car, the DMP-B15K includes a few great car accessories. There is a headrest mount you can snap into the back of the built-in stand. And it has a cigarette lighter power adapter. This is great for any long road trips you may be taking. Video Quality: The DMP-B15K has a 8.9 inch WSVGA (1024 x 600 screen. This will give you a clear and sharp image, better than you would get with your average DVD player. However it will not match the resolution of most Blu-ray Movies which are 1920 x 1080p. It does have a HDMI output if you want to use the DMP-B15K as a standalone player. Connect it to a HDTV and it can output High Definition video (1920x1080p) and high resolution audio just like large Blu-ray Players. There is also a .posite Audio/Video output if you have an older TV. Panasonic has wisely included its PHL Reference Chroma Processor Plus. Which produces pure, accurate color images. You then have a wide range of picture presets, noise reduction modes and settings to adjust contrast, brightness, color and gamma. Audio Quality: There are speakers along the bottom of the player, as well as a headphone jack on the side. The sounds produced from these speakers is surprisingly good. Not like your regular DVD portable speakers. The HDMI output, as stated earlier will allow for high-resolution audio. Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master Audio can be transferred via the HDMI output and there are internal audio decoding for Dolby Digital and DTS. There is even a Dialog Enhancer to increase the clarity of speech. The DMP-B15k is a Profile 2.0 Blu-ray Player. This means it has an Ether. Port for you to download BD-Live content available on certain Blu-ray Discs. Once connected to the inter. you can also access Panasonic’s VieraCast. There are Online Streaming Media Services such as YouTube, Picasa, Amazon Video On Demand and many more you can choose from. It does not have Wi-Fi, so you can not stream movies or videos when you are on the go. This would have been a nice feature to include. One nice feature Panasonic did include was a SD Card Slot. Which can be used for storing BD-Live content you download. Or you can use it to play SD video and AVCHD files or JPEG files. SD Cards are sold separately. The DMP-B15K is a mix bag of great features and missed opportunities. Having a portable Blu-ray Player is a good idea that many will find appealing. And as a portable Blu-ray Player it functions extremely well. But many with be tuned off with its bulky design, low battery life and high $800 price tag. THE PROS: The first ever portable Blu-ray Player, you can watch you Blu-ray Disc wherever you are. You get full access to Viera Cast which provide online streaming content. A cigarette lighter adapter and headrest mount is included for car use. THE CONS: The cost may put many consumers off this Blu-ray Player. A three hour battery life may not be long enough for longer movies. It has a bulky design for a portable device. THE FINAL WORD: The first portable Blu-ray Player, the DMP-B15K, does perform well and has many features that will appeal to the person on the go. A HDMI output is available, so the Blu-ray Player can act as a standalone player as well. This is convenient if a larger screen is needed. It does have a heavy Price tag so you will have to weigh in the cost to see if it is worth purchasing. — Price you should look for when purchasing — Under $750.00 相关的主题文章: