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Dental-Care Stained teeth and crooked teeth are some of the dental problems that can be solved by cosmetic dentistry. Teeth whitening treatments can improve discoloured teeth, while crooked teeth can be straightened with orthodontics. Veneers can provide these improvements in a quicker manner; however, the procedure may involve a certain degree of discomfort for the patient. Lumineers offers a quick and painless option to a veneers treatment, to achieve the desired cosmetic dentistry improvements without causing discomfort to the patient. What are Lumineers? Lumineers are extremely-thin porcelain veneers used to improve the appearance of stained teeth, or crooked teeth. The Lumineers are as thin as contact lens, and can be placed on top of affected teeth to deliver cosmetic improvements that look very natural. There is no need to remove tooth enamel as part of the preparation for a Lumineers treatment, unlike in a traditional dental veneers treatment which requires a portion of the tooth enamel to be removed prior to the veneers placement. Lumineers can improve the appearance of: Stained or discoloured teeth Teeth stains or discolourations that cannot be removed with teeth whitening can be improved by Lumineers, which cover the stained portion of the teeth to make the smile more attractive. Unsightly spaces and gaps between teeth Gaps and spaces between teeth can be solved with an orthodontic treatment, but this can take a long period of time to finish. Lumineers offer a quick, non-invasive option to close the unsightly gaps and spaces, resulting in a smile that looks healthier and more attractive. Crooked teeth Lumineers can correct the appearance of crooked teeth without the pain and long treatment period associated with using orthodontic braces. Lumineers are also ideal for those who do not want to be embarrassed with having a mouth full of metal wires or brackets; the thin porcelain shells quickly and effectively improve the alignment of crooked teeth. Chipped teeth Chipped teeth can be restored in a painless and quick manner with the help of Lumineers, which are especially helpful in cases when the affected teeth are located in the front of the mouth where the imperfections can readily be seen upon smiling or opening the mouth. Old dental crowns or dental bridge Dental crowns or a dental bridge which has become unsightly with the passage of time can be improved with Lumineers. The ultra-thin porcelain shells can be placed directly on top of the dental restoration (the crown or the bridge), without the need for these restorations to be replaced prior to the Lumineers treatment. About the Author: Kensington Dental Practice offers latest treatments in dentistry including cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, anti-wrinkle treatments & dermal fillers. Our treatments include Invisalign, orthodontics, ceramic crowns & inlays, sedation for nervous patients. If you are searching for a dental practice using keywords, dental implants London or cosmetic dentist London , visit us at . Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: