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Our two associate professor of Ministry of education, the school said the prosecution was dismissed for the original title: according to law, then cattle teachers have to fulfill their duties to complete the two lake associate professor dismissal sued the Ministry of education, the school responded to schools professors will be fired, universities directly under the Ministry of Education of a secure job can also be broken. Recently, two Hunan University associate professor dismissed much hot events. In July 2015, the Hunan University to "unfinished responsibilities" as stipulated in the contract on the grounds, the University School of architecture associate professor Yang Jianjue, Huang Liyou made "reappointment, decided to terminate the labor and personnel relations", and the deadline to finish the formalities. In July 19, 2016, Yang Jianjue and Huang Liyou for "violating the legal provisions, failing to perform duties in the name of the prosecution of Ministry of education. Yesterday (September 22nd), Hunan University press spokesman, Minister of propaganda department, director of the Information Office of the Tang Zhen said, the school in accordance with the relevant national regulations and opinions of personnel management, full implementation of the employment system, the implementation of contract management, equally, then cattle teachers will have to fulfill their duties. Event playback two associate professor of School of Hunan University teachers dismissal in 2011, the implementation of full employment, Yang Jianjue Huang Liyou, associate professor of failing to reach the qualification was appointed to the full-time research post for 3 years. In 2014 two people did not complete the tasks stipulated in the contract, the views of the school "engagement examination shall be determined as unqualified, can stop hiring or hiring a school year". After I apply, college, school approval, the two contract period extended to July 31, 2015. After the signing of the contract change special agreement in the book: such as not completed within the duration of the contract, termination of employment. In July 1, 2015, the school found that two people in the contract extension contract has not yet completed the task, the expert group to vote on the reappointment. June 2015, in September, two people were made to the school leader’s written appeal. In the communication process, the scientific research department of Huang Liyou proposed as alternative requirements not recognized. In October 23, 2015, the school teaching and research positions appointment Committee of 6 reappointment personnel objection review, of which 3 teachers "reappointment decision" made the adjustment, but before Yang Jianjue 3 people decided to maintain the. The two associate professors questioned the decision objection processing two dismissal against school associate professor, repeatedly raised objections to the school, questioning the "subject" dismissal matters "school teacher evaluation system" etc.. According to statistics, Yang Jianjue and Huang Liyou in the industry have something in common. Yang Jianjue said, in the past 10 years, he has been committed to the protection and rejuvenation of Hunan old street, town, city, presided over the Changsha Taiping Street, are street, County Street, Jinggang Town, Tongguan City, Joe Kouyu, Kang Xiang, the new Opera Hall and other historic buildings of the book the protection design, presided over the Pingjiang North streets, Chenzhou village, Zhangjiajie Town, the plate beam, such as the ancient city of Jishou dry state plans. This series of works are highly praised by domestic and foreign experts. Huang Li Yau is also the industry celebrities. He is a member of China Artists Association and Hunan Province Artists Association Secretary General of Hunan Artists Association, deputy director of the oil painting, Lake)相关的主题文章: