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One week event, Audi split Q2 SAIC can meet the SAIC’s appetite? Sohu auto Press played a gourd dipper Audi joint venture, SAIC has been a matter of fact, in the face of the "note", the FAW Audi or difficult to keep doll production A6 this kind of popular models, according to industry speculation: the new product introduction or direction. SAIC and Audi signed a cooperation framework agreement between SAIC and Audi in November 11th in Wolfsburg, germany. The new model will be announced later. Volkswagen Group (China) Audi group related personnel refused to travel + data financial new media interview requests, but said the company will release a unified statement on Monday. For Audi’s "cheating" type of the new joint venture, FAW Audi "to" note said because the transaction is fatal, for the FAW Audi dealer for this, "we request your company in determining the transaction intention, shall solicit opinions of the dealer, and shall we enjoy the right to know the security of transactions, the details of the transaction, how to explain and clarify the development of the Audi brand. I hope your company from the maintenance of the normal order, Chinese automobile circulation market construction harmonious win-win vendor perspective, make a note on the matter, and take the necessary measures to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Audi brand dealers". I believe, under the FAW and FAW – Volkswagen Audi dealers, Audi or Volkswagen will not produce the "doll" production of FAW – Volkswagen Audi, A4L A6L, domestic A3, Q3 and Q5 etc.. The Audi series of products, the products have a total of two systems, is a popular small car platform based on MQB platform, including A1, A3, Q2 and so on, in addition, Shanghai Volkswagen SUV models Tiguan is produced on the platform; followed by MLB on the platform in the large car platform based on A4 A6, A7, A5, A8, Q3, Q5, and Q7. So, SAIC Audi can introduce domestic models A1, A5, A7, A8, Q2 and Q7 in one or more, and the profits and brand demand based on Audi A8 and Q7 or in the short term is difficult to achieve domestic, A5, A7 and Q2 are considered to be the most likely to be introduced models. If SAIC Volkswagen Audi can put the above three products raised, it will create more than a SAIC Audi, and more to increase Audi’s global market share, Audi market performance throughout the first three quarters of the cumulative global sales of the first three quarters of the above three models only 71856 units, less than half of A3 in particular, Q2, the first three quarters of the cumulative sales of only 2503 units, although the domestic SUV market is hot, Audi Q3 and Q5 have achieved great success, but the Q2 market has been tepid. Data show that Q2 sales in 2014 was only 3, in 2015 sales of only 67 units, sales in the first half of this year is 305. Obviously, if only the three Volkswagen models, Audi is not worth looking forward to, and the new dealer development is necessarily limited, at this stage, the dealer can no longer see the production car, hastily cast.相关的主题文章: