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Old classmates to open a high salary Shenyang guy went to Guangxi, Nanning trap MLM – new year salary of 8500 yuan, reimbursement round-trip tickets, but also provide free travel." Not long ago, in the face of the old students out of the attractive conditions, the people live in Xinmin Liu Cheng full of longing to sit on a flight to Guangxi, Nanning. Let him never thought is waiting for him was a nightmare. In September 18th, just to get away from the MLM organization Liu Cheng told the Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter in reducing MLM organization 76 hours, through their own personal experience, for those who still do heaven paid, dream of riches peers sounded the alarm. There is a high salary"! He went to work in Nanning, Liu Chengjia Xinmin City, not long ago, the old fellow red to throw him an olive branch". She is engaged in Southeast Asia in Nanning specialty wholesale, can earn thirty thousand or forty thousand yuan a month, due to business can not come, I would like to help her in the past month, a monthly salary of $8500, but also reimburse round-trip ticket." Liu Cheng said, because of the students have, plus the treatment really hard to resist, so he flew to Nanning for old classmates. Nanning is already in the early morning of September 14th, the red will receive his own residence. In addition to the old classmate a three mouth, old classmate’s mother, brother, grandfather, grandmother lived in the vicinity of. From stopping by chelunzhan brainwashing in the following two days, the little red with Liu Cheng during the day to visit, in the evening will share. Although on the surface is just so, but in Liu Cheng’s view, it is more like brainwashing, and is the focus of brainwashing. "Two days on the 8, was on eight or nine hours a day, with chatter are the so-called success, most of the villagers, claiming to be the leading authority, responsible person of the enterprise, what business elite." Originally, this red to help people under the banner of "hundred enterprises in Guangxi" and "1040 sunshine project" gimmick, a fictional five Sanjin system of capital operation, chain operation mode of operation. According to the development of the assembly line workers to pay a total share capital, the participants were divided into the clerk, manager, director, manager and other levels, to participate will have to pay 50800 yuan to buy 21 shares, can be directly promoted to the director of the development after each one has a commission, the development of line personnel more, take a more level are higher, if successfully promoted to manager, can be divided into executives bonuses, CEOs of the monthly salary is 100 thousand, 990 thousand, three years out, receive 7 million 800 thousand yuan reward…… A few days later, Liu Cheng saw something, decided to flee. He pretended to be a stomachache successful escape "in order to improve the success rate of escape, on the evening of September 16th, I pretended to have diarrhea, every half hour will go to the toilet, let them sleep well, went back and forth six or seven times, and the morning of September 17th to secretly leave, the whole family was sleeping red." Liu Cheng told reporters, after leaving the old classmate home, he went directly to the railway station. "After leaving the second half, Xiao Hong called me. I deliberately didn’t pick up after 1.5 hours, I put the phone back to the past, she asked me where I am, I deliberately told her at the airport, she asked me why not Xin相关的主题文章: