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From October 15th to 24, the 2017 national civil service exam online registration – Chongqing channel — people.com.cn       October 13th, reporters from the national civil service examination center learned that the national test area of Chongqing has a total of 18 departments to provide 298 jobs, a total of 606 people recruiting plan. The reporter saw in the recruiting position on the table, in 2017 the Chongqing Municipal State Taxation Bureau Zhaolu number is still the most, to reach 475 people, accounting for the total number of recruiting 78%; the number of recruiting second Chengdu Railway Public Security Bureau, to recruit a total of 21 people, accounting for the total number of recruitment 3.4%; followed by the Yangtze River Maritime Bureau and Chongqing entry-exit inspection the Quarantine Bureau, the number of recruiting 20 people and 18 people respectively. The examination of college education in Chongqing area only recruit 102 people accounted for 4.79%, undergraduate and above education recruit 494 people accounted for 81.51%. Test application time for the October 15th 8:00 to 24 18:00, candidates can log related links to institutions directly under the central authority and its 2017 annual examination of civil service website, Ministry of human resources and social security website or the State Bureau of civil servants on the portal site for registration. It is worth noting that candidates can only choose a department (unit) in a position for registration, registration and examination of the use of valid ID card must be consistent. In addition, the public subject written examination time for the November 27th, including the subjects of public administration occupation ability test and on the Shanghai Branch of the two.   (reporter Li Xing)相关的主题文章: