Not a problem was shot in black and white for the Republic of China (video)

"No problem" is to close to the black and white film debut "non issue" creative Tokyo meeting: do not want a contemporary style "no problem" movie poster Tencent entertainment news (text Duanwu video Zhang Chao) October 29th, Chinese film "the Tokyo film festival main competition is not a problem" held the world premiere in Tokyo, after mapping the question and answer session, director Mei Feng will be the story due to the charm of the original connotation of Lao She, and revealed that the use of black and white tone is in line with the people’s Republic of China’s imagination, do not worry about the young audience can not accept. "Not a problem" adapted from Lao she published in 1943, on a farm in Chongqing during the Anti Japanese War Director (Wei Fan)’s subordinate and win over the so-called Almighty artist, forced to leave to the rise of the new director of returnees reform in the farm story. Director Feng Mei teacher Literature Department of Beijing Film Academy, served as the Lou Ye movie "spring fever", "floating city mystery thing" writer, this is his first time as a director. At the Tokyo Film Festival after the video quiz he revealed that the film originated from the youth film studio of Beijing Film Academy, the "new school" plan, the plan for the school teachers more creative opportunities. Directed at the beginning of the container, Mei Feng hope to choose an influential master of works, and "no problem" is ignored in his works a masterpiece. Mei Feng said: "the story is built as a master in literature in his observation of human and social insight. When we look back on the history of how to form their own cultural structure of judgment and observation, this is the starting point for me to choose this story." The film uses black and white images is also caused by the presence of the audience’s interest in this regard, Mei Feng explains: "in the process of preparing the play, we see many late 40s is the period of the Republic of China image data, image data, we are all black and white on the impression, never color, so I told the main discussion, hope to use this form to black and white close to our imagination in the Republic of china." Mei Feng said, do not want to use the system that we are familiar with the contemporary film language to shoot the film, at the same time, do not worry that young viewers will not accept.相关的主题文章: