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Ningbo, Ninghai, an ancient tomb found a preliminary judgment for the end of the Qing Dynasty (Figure) Ninghai Meilin Village tomb. Recently, a netizen in Ningbo Ninghai local forum broke the news that found an ancient tomb in Ninghai County Merlin streets Chi Shan Cun site, is said to have 700 years of history, the suspect in the Southern Song Dynasty tombs. After the reporter was informed of the matter, contact the Ningbo Department of cultural relics for verification. According to the relevant cultural relics experts, at present, this is just a relatively ordinary tombs, the initial judgment of the late Qing Dynasty, the specific information remains to be studied in the future. The reporter to verify Ninghai really discovered the tomb but very ordinary September 18th night at 7:55, netizen "follow Buddhism" in the "Ninghai online" forum "Mei Lin Chi Shan Cun, found a tomb, the suspect is the Southern Song dynasty". Post said, in Ninghai Meilin street, near the construction site of a red village, found the ancient tombs, dug two coffins, the internal preservation intact. Some netizens said that the tomb has been 700 years ago; there are friends that the tomb of the song dynasty. Post also mentioned that the discovery of the ancient tomb of the news was reported to the relevant departments in a timely manner to carry out on-site protection, experts have arrived at the scene of the investigation Ningbo. In the end is what the ancient tomb, remains to be studied by archaeologists." Reporters yesterday to contact the director of the Ningbo Institute of archaeology Archaeology Research Center Li Yongning, he told reporters that he is found in tombs, also participated in the rescue excavations of tombs. "Just a relatively ordinary burial, at present, the value of excavation is not large." Li Yongning said that during the excavation of the tomb, and did not find any particular valuable artifacts, long-term erosion by the rain, leaving nothing in the tomb." Furthermore, tombs are more common, "so there are a lot of tomb in the late Qing dynasty." Reporters learned that, after the completion of the rescue excavations in this tomb, has been in accordance with the relevant provisions of the national heritage act in situ backfill. Expert feedback is just the villagers guess the Southern Song Dynasty, online heat transfer of the "Southern Song Dynasty tomb" this argument is how to come? Li Yongning told reporters that the day of the excavation site, including Ninghai County Cultural Relics Management Office, Merlin street and other units, including a lot of staff, there are a lot of villagers onlookers. One of the villagers went to check the family tree, saying that his ancestors moved to the Southern Song Dynasty here, probably buried in this position." There are onlookers who sent the information to the Internet, the news spread like this. However, the study of cultural relics is very rigorous, it is necessary to use the "evidence" to speak. Li Yongning said, the Southern Song Dynasty tomb, this argument can only be regarded as the villagers guess. "First of all, it is impossible for archaeological research to determine the owner and the age of a tomb with only one family tree. Secondly, no epitaph in the tombs, also have what cultural relics information can prove that this is the Southern Song Dynasty tomb." The tomb’s no from, but Li Yongning said that judging from the tombs of the tombs, in favor of the late Qing dynasty. "What was found in the tomb"相关的主题文章: