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What are the Phuket Island Raiders | lovelorn to leave the waves! – what are the | tourism Sohu lovelorn leave, to wave. I use it to treat your heart trauma unknowingly I came back from several countries, and I feel a lot better. I remember my mother said: "in my heart, you are the strongest girl." However, this sentence, I was cheating on a feeling completely defeated, travel back, I come back to live, in fact, no matter what the reason is because love and break up, need to adjust. So, do not hold back at home, go out wave. There’s always a place for you. EX and I had planned to travel to Thailand at the end of the year, because I always wanted to have my wedding on the island in this small town on. But the ticket hasn’t set, we are defeated in different places, families, shackles of reality, when I was crying half alive, my dad on the phone said: "baby, not the moon and stars, waves out half of it, I will give you a ticket + hotel ready……" In this way, I set foot on a trip to Phuket Island. Earlier that day, my mother for the first time on AirAsia’s official website to help me see the ticket, at first she even a English did not know who request to help older sister, but also help me to book a good flight. The first section of the trip, 9.14 at 10:30 in the morning to fly Macao – at 9.19 o’clock in the evening of 7 direct flights to Guangzhou. WOW… The heart of gratitude, tears flow again, but this is the happy tears of affection…… The trip: DAY1: Novotel Surin Beach Phuket Island Resort Hotel (Novotel Phuket Surin) DAY2: Phuket City Festival DAY3: Emperor Island Tour + Phuket Island Spa Resort Hotel Novotel Caron (Novotel Phuket Karon): DAY4 + DAY5 Patong beach busy streets: Karen beach motorcycle + airship air parachute DAY6: Phuket Island Caron Novotel Resort and Spa (Novotel Phuket Karon) + return to Guangzhou. The hotel is sister to help me choose a hotel in Thailand, the overall price is not high, especially in small island or small town, the two hotels, a place by the sea in the mountains (clean), a place by the sea, at the foot of the mountain (lively) with a group of different style of the hotel, it is the reason I love. About the plane, the hotel people came to the airport to pick me up, the high sign reads "LAI XIMIAO", seems to live a dull mood. Along the way, I listen to the song, look at the scenery outside, less than 1 hours to the hotel. Novotel Surin Beach Phuket Island resort hotel from Surin Beach and where the nightlife area is only 5 minutes walk, enjoy the scenery and shopping in Surin Beach, the clear waters of the joy of the sunset. Warm and cozy rooms, super love! Suitable for family travel, water slides and two pools. BA CHAMPIONS.相关的主题文章: