Nantong man carrying life-saving money by train station by their families complain of heart attack. nvidia geforce gt 740m

Nanchong man carrying life-saving money by train station by their families complain of heart attack in Pengan collapsed in November 18th, Liu brother take the train to go home, to need surgery the father sent life-saving money, but accidentally sitting on the station, guilt he grew more and more sad, cause heart disease burst. Fortunately, the station police station, the duty police found the situation in time, after the emergency treatment, he and the carrying money saved safely escorted home. At 11:40 am on November 18th, it was the time when the D5184 EMU arrived at Yingshan Railway Station. Due to the outbound passengers more, Chengdu Railway Police Department Yingshan station police station Luo Xiaomin, Wang Xingzhi was the station to maintain order. Suddenly, the orderly outbound passengers became noisy, and the call of "someone fainted" was heard. Originally, a man fell at the entrance door, pale, shortness of breath, and accompanied by some convulsions, fell on the ground, looked abnormal pain, and seize the heart position with his right hand, left hand difficult to take out a bottle of quick acting Kyushin Pills from the clothes bag. Police preliminary judgment that it may be a sudden heart disease, so immediately notify the phone 120 ambulance. After the 120 ambulance arrived, doctors and nurses quickly took first aid measures. After more than 10 minutes of hard work, the man was rescued from danger at last. When the doctor and nurse ready to send the man to the hospital to stay in the hospital observation, the man but stubbornly said: "no, I’ve been much better, I want to go back to Pengan, I want to go back to save people, to send help money."." Recommended reading: Nanchong man addicted to the network to steal money online help father encounter robbery 51 years ago a woman in Chengdu to borrow 80 yuan after 51 years of saving money she searched million life-saving money bank could not take Shane bank check postprocessing careless man drunk after losing 20 thousand money Chengdu car pick up gold to its origin owner Panzhihua man drunk husband threatened to blow up the Internet train the police were arrested today originally, the man take the D5184 train, the operation of money to return to Pengan for himself is the father of the hospital sent for help. You can take a nap on the train, ride past the station, and get off at Yingshan Railway Station. At that time, the family to the delivery of surgery charges, but did not see him to send money, call to ask, say a reason, the family will blame him, saying he does not fly. In the station on the road, Liu brother and his heart grew more and more sad, increasingly feel sorry father, plus I had heart disease, this disease is excited, but at the exit. "Why don’t you put your money in the bank card or send it home?"" The police asked Luo Xiaomin, Liu brother replied: "father of this illness need surgery, there are still more than 20000 put all sorts of things together, I couldn’t have to finance the IOUs to borrow money, also not to send home, I’ll carry the car directly back, please can you send me back. My father is in the hospital, waiting for the money!" Taking into account the physical causes of Liu brother, coupled with a large amount of cash on his body, in order to ensure the safety of his personal and property, the police station on duty leader immediately arranged for the police to drive it safely back to Pengan. Wang Tao, Chengdu daily intern reporter

南充男携救命钱坐火车坐过站 被家人埋怨突发心脏病晕倒   11月18日,蓬安的刘大哥坐火车前往老家,给急需做手术的父亲送救命钱,却不小心坐过了站,内心愧疚的他越想越难过,导致心脏病突发。所幸,车站出站处,执勤民警及时发现了情况,在紧急治疗后将他和携带的救命钱安全护送回了家。   11月18日上午11时40许,正是D5184次动车到达营山站之际。由于出站旅客较多,成都铁路公安处营山车站派出所民警罗晓敏、王惺之正在出站口维持秩序。突然,井然有序的出站旅客变得嘈杂,传来“有人晕倒了”的叫声。原来,一名男子倒在出站门门口处,脸色苍白、呼吸急促,并伴有些许抽搐,倒在地上神情异常痛苦,并用右手紧抓住自己心脏位置,左手艰难地从衣服包里拿出一瓶速效救心丸。民警初步判断其有可能是突发心脏疾病,于是立马电话通知120急救车。120急救车赶到后,医生和护士迅速对其采取了急救措施。经过大家10多分钟的努力,终于把男子从危险状态救了回来。当医生和护士准备把该男子送到医院留院观察时,该男子却倔强地说:“不用了,我已经好多了,我要回蓬安,我要回去救人,要去送救命钱。”   推荐阅读:   南充男子沉迷网络 偷父亲救命钱上网遇抢劫   51年前成都女子借到80元救命钱 苦寻51年后她万元谢恩   救命钱银行取不出 银行称查看后处理   粗心人醉酒后丢失2万救命钱 成都好车夫拾金物归原主   攀枝花男子酒后网上扬言炸火车 被网警抓获   原来,该男子今日乘坐D5184次动车,准备回蓬安给自己正在住院的父亲送救命的手术钱。可在车上打盹儿坐过站,到了营山站才下车。彼时,家里人到了交手术费的时候,却没见到他送钱去,就打电话前来询问,一说原因,家人便埋怨他,说他做事不靠谱。在出站的路上,刘大哥心里越想越难过,愈发觉得对不起父亲,加上自己又有心脏病,这一激动就病发了,倒在出站口。   “你为什么不把钱打到银行卡里或者寄回家呢?”民警罗晓敏问道,刘大哥答道:“老爷子这次病情加重急需做手术,家里面东拼西凑都还差二万多,我实在没法就向公司财务打借条借的钱,还来不及寄回家,我就直接带身上坐车带回来,求求你们可不可以帮忙送我回去,我父亲还在医院等着这笔钱呢!”   考虑到刘大哥身体原因,加上他身上带着大量现金,为了确保其人身和财产的安全,派出所值班领导立即安排民警开车将其安全送回了蓬安。   王涛 成都商报实习记者 戴佳佳相关的主题文章: