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Music as the biggest risk is not PPT is not 10 billion, but whether Jia can…… Sohu technology Author: Chi Yuzhou reprinted from the WeChat public number: WeChat ID:biz-leaders a "doing business people is like this, no one will notice only see results, the line on the line, no means no, no excuse." Many years ago, when I was a young man, I watched a TV show called "TVB" in Hongkong. The actor called Ye Rongtian, his people — is proactive, flexible, observant, innovation, every hour and moment exudes charisma. Greed is the driving force of progress!" Is his life maxim. Father Ye Xiaoqin was a builder, Tim’s childhood rich worry free. Is the younger brother of Qin until the annexation of assets from the The family is in straitened circumstances. Tim to go to school by the elite school, and thus know the life of a friend Xu Wenbiao and Ma Zhiqiang. The father was betrayed to learn lessons, Tim armed themselves, everything to "benefit" as the only family and friends, he is all the moral and the last line of defense fortress. Specifically, Ye Rongtian is a small hun hun. In 1989, 27 year old punks Ye Rongtian experienced in the life of the seventeenth business failures. He group trading company, with friends but heavily indebted, launched the "electronic pet", and comprehensively failed with big developers leaf samples by repossession, so that it becomes nothing. Ye Rongtian is the grass roots, silk?. But he didn’t give up because he didn’t have anything to give up. He learn from the construction workers, understand the construction industry as a whole operation, then took over the unfinished village house, earned the "first pot of gold", began his journey to the real estate tycoon. Long story, money and love, ideal and morality, and sin, all sorts of cemented Ye Rongtian created the conflict. When he rise, the grassroots? Wire counter attack, as business leaders, he has a dream. He wants to build a smoke free city. When he was old, he realized his dream. In his speech he completed a smoke-free city said: "Hello, to start from a concept like this like castles in the air, after a lot of failures and setbacks, the dream has finally come true today. I was finally able to make the impossible possible. At this moment, in addition to celebrating and sharing the fruits of countless people, but also to witness a good friend of my life. Smokeless City, finally completed." I often wonder if Ye Rongtian didn’t realize his dream What if smoke-free city is not built? Ye Rongtian is a failure of the small fry, in a world where he is Losers are always in the wrong., curtis. In order to build a smoke-free City, he continued to finance. The whole "Genesis" is the story of Ye Rongtian’s continuous financing to build a smoke-free city. He Zoupian Jian Feng, even done a lot of illegal things. He sometimes "threeoutlooks" is not big. He said: "this world, money can be anything." "It is not a matter of being mean to do business, but it is absolutely impossible to betray one’s relatives and friends." "The world smile poor prostitution, a step faster than the others will not be looked down upon, but the pace of injection相关的主题文章: