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Multitray double Eleven: lively, a feather – the | Yang Junjun Sohu technology in the commercial power despite the blessing, double eleven has a incomparable influence, but it still can not cover up these people are still complaining, originated in the network of double eleven has lost its original meaning "single day". It is as if there is no food in the world that can satisfy everyone’s appetite, especially in such an age of individuality. However, for this year’s double eleven, these are not particularly important. Frankly speaking, under a variety of factors can influence this blessing, said only eight years ago that eleven – eight years ago, Ali for a wide range of activities in order to promote the double eleven and Tmall mall. Staged and continuous years of cats and dogs ", this year’s double eleven has some characters: Ali is still contrary to expectation set a record of the transaction — the double eleven day in the double eleven day, Ali trading volume reached 120 billion 700 million yuan, although the record originally expected; double eleven is Tencent for the day, but on the day of the 18 anniversary of the establishment of the Tencent, is no longer as in the past low-key, highlighting the big corporate style, and issued 300 shares to every employee, let Ali employees in overtime, employees of the Tencent in the amount of money refresh circle of friends; the most is GREE Dong Mingzhu beyond all expectations, no longer Miss Dong served in the GREE group, the only chairman and President and legal representative of GREE electric appliances, staged a wonderful" situation of state-owned enterprises". Behind this series of seemingly unrelated events, actually the reaction is fast after the Internet in China for more than and 20 years, the Internet can move the business model has weakness, but in this new technology is not mature on the occasion, the Internet Co has been difficult to forward these years as capital and impress users. It is for these reasons, will let us see happen in double eleven day is wonderful drama. Let us start from Ali all the initiator of evil. Ali’s duplicitous this year eleven, Ali "intentional" in the party headquarters of Shenzhen Tencent, personal speculation, originally wanted to give Tencent a "run", did not expect the WeChat public number backstage on the morning of November 11th happened to be on the staff of the Ma Huateng fault, and readily throw, so Ali not very happy ". However, for Ali, unhappy is not only this small, more trouble is that, even though Ali constantly some new packaging technology, and integrating it into the promotional activities, but the end result is still, whether the capital market, or for the domestic business model changes, these attempts for Ali still don’t pay. This year the first trading day of eleven, Ali closing price of $94.34, compared with the previous trading day down 2.41%. The capital market of transactions has not always been to pay, not just this year, last year’s double eleven, after the recording, Ali shares are not too good. The reason why there will be this result, in addition to the problem of the financial system itself, Ali as an electricity supplier level"相关的主题文章: