Multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment of the continuation of the lamp of life – 1 cases of

A multidisciplinary treatment continuation of the lamp of life — remember the treatment process of 1 patients with coronary heart disease and bladder cancer patients with Jia Sohu health this year due to discovery of invasive bladder cancer underwent whole bladder resection, because of severe coronary heart disease, patients in many hospitals were informed of risky surgery, can not complete the operation. The characteristics of bladder cancer in patients with recurrent bladder cancer are as follows: recurrent, multiple, high pathological grade, high grade invasive urothelial carcinoma. Popular to say that the bladder cut, lymph node metastasis may cut off. This operation is the most common operation in urology. The traditional way of operation is open surgery, which has a long operation time, a large trauma, bleeding and risk. With the progress of science and technology, minimally invasive treatment, although small trauma, less bleeding, bladder cancer is currently the first choice for radical surgery. But even if it is minimally invasive, invasive range of intraoperative pneumoperitoneum pressure on the impact of the cycle, tumor wide, patients with poor conditions and make risky surgery, filled with many unknowns. This is also the reason for the refusal of surgery in a number of hospitals in Beijing. However, if the patient does not receive surgical resection of the tumor, it is expected to survive for more than half a year, and eventually died of multiple organ failure caused by advanced tumors. Dilemma, where to go, when the patient is at a loss, the introduction, the patient continues to hold a glimmer of hope came to our hospital. Department of Urology, Zhang Bao director and director Fu Bin has carried on the analysis to the patient’s condition, and invited Zhang Yuhai and Sun Yucheng to the State Department experts conducted a comprehensive assessment and accurate judgment on the local condition of tumor, in full communication with the family, decided to implement the two step operation for patients, the first heart bypass surgery, one month underwent bladder operation. Patients completed after bypass surgery again after 1 months of hospitalization, hospital director Zhang Bao discussed multi disciplinary cases, formed a urinary dominated, cardiac surgery, anesthesiology, Department of Cardiology, Department of blood transfusion, pathology and radiology, participate in the surgical team. According to the characteristics of the patients with long course of disease, one month after the operation, and the great risk of operation and anesthesia, the plan of the operation is very detailed. In October 14, 2016, on the operating table, Zhang Bao director 3D using the latest minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques, the implementation of the "radical cystectomy and urinary diversion for patients", Zhang Bao director of mind of the patient’s commitment to the whole operation, a precision operation, almost no obvious bleeding. Surgery lasted nearly 4 hours, successfully completed. After the day passed quickly in the Department of Urology, medical staff in intensive care, the patient’s body is also a daily rehabilitation, flushed rosy gloss, after discharge, Zhang Bao director of medical staff sincere words and earnest wishes to say: "for patients and their families to have a heart of compassion, empathy, understanding and understand the suffering of the patients and affect the patients, so that patients have confidence on the medical staff. With this, the doctor-patient relationship will be two heart gracious "natural harmony.相关的主题文章: