More than a network about the car company to respond to the New Deal the driver will clean up – the

How about the car companies to respond to new home network: failure to clean up the driver – Beijing the day before, the Ministry of transportation released 63 orders (on the revision of the "Regulations" management of taxi driver qualification decision), on the net about the taxi driver access conditions, while engaged in the network about the car drivers need to take the exam. Yesterday, a number of vehicles about the company official said, will do a good job of qualification audit, clean up the driver failed. Recently, the Ministry of transport announced 63 orders (on the revision of the "Regulations" management of taxi driver qualification decision), as the taxi network about cars and supporting policies issued. The provisions of the driver’s access conditions made a clear provision, the network about the driver needs to be five no personnel, such as no violent criminal records, etc.. Qualified personnel need to participate in the national and regional two subjects of vocational qualification examination, after passing the exam, you need to register to post. Yesterday, a number of network about car company said it would strengthen the platform for the driver’s audit efforts. Every company said 63 net orders clear about the car drivers need to take the exam, the more stringent requirements. Drops are in accordance with the requirements of the new deal about the car, the driver access to audit and clean up. At the same time, also hope to be able to be more innovative network about the car driver examination, such as the Internet platform with the driver to push the training content, carry out online examination, not only to meet the needs of management, and can provide convenience for the network about the car driver. Easy to the Ministry of government affairs, said the car about the new deal requires the driver to get about the network car license. This provision has a positive effect on improving the threshold of access to the car driver, improve service quality. As the pioneer and leading to easy network about cars, always adhere to strict driver training and audit mechanism, and as in the past with the traffic control department of the Ministry of communications and the place to do a good job qualification examination and related work. Shenzhou car company said that the network about the car driver qualification examination is the first step in the implementation of the new network about cars, strict audit and qualification examination driver for network about cars and standardized management has a long-term significance, Shenzhou car since its inception in January 28th last year to the driver qualification in strict examination, the future will be in accordance with the provisions of the relevant departments and related examinations and driver qualification examination. In addition, the relevant content on the qualification examination and examination, the industry experts have launched a heated discussion. There is a view that the examination to protect the interests of the passengers, but also to facilitate the monitoring and management of the industry; there are also views that the test may be a large number of drivers, especially part-time drivers in the door. In this regard, Deputy Foreign Trade University Law School professor Zheng Yafang think, hope for the network about the car driver can reveal all the details of the proposed audit requirements, such as a driver’s license, must not drink driving and drug driving record, no suggestion to solve through the examination of the channel. Vice president of Nanjing University law school, Professor Wang Taigao believes that the exam is no problem, but it should be relatively simple, to protect the driver’s passing rate. Text reporter Liu?相关的主题文章: