Money on the face of China insurance company how to deal with-kimi wo omou melodi

Money on the face of China insurance company how to deal with? "When buying insurance salesman, attitude is very good, your skies, once to the claim, the clerk can not find a direct, the whole process of the people as a variety of fraud and review all boduantui." Xu Jieer friends Tucao, a lot of Netizens feel, follow the spit. It seems easy to buy insurance, claims difficult!" This phenomenon is not a case. Why does it appear that the "easy to buy insurance, claims difficult" phenomenon? This is related to the quality of the insurance industry and the operation mode of the insurance industry. Insurance claims because it involves the vital interests of the insurance company, in order to prevent people from playing Wainian insurance company property insurance company idea deliberately pianbao, repeated verification confirmed details of the people boduantui, although hateful, but can also understand. The real problem is that it’s too easy to buy insurance! Why is it so easy to buy insurance? Because the insurance practitioners most wanted to sell insurance products, with the sales commission, as product terms, details, and subsequent claims, the company around it, they don’t worry about. Insurance companies do not raise the requirements of the salesman, but they can sell the product into. It encountered difficult, the claim was exclusions? In these cases, you can learn a lesson. One case: the repair fee is higher than the market value was lowered after exclusions awarded in April last year, the public Mr. Ni in Yongan property insurance Qingdao branch of Limited by Share Ltd to buy the loss of vehicle insurance, third party liability insurance, non deductible special insurance, vehicle insurance for your car, the insurance amount is 67900 yuan. 19:10 on October 31, 2015, Mr. Ni friend Mr. Yan to open his car and the bridge collision, causing damage to the vehicle. Identified by the Qingdao Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment Battalion Licang, Mr. Yan assume full responsibility for the accident. At the same time, Mr. Ni alarm in that after the accident also notify the insurance company. Because the vehicle was severely damaged, Mr. Ni car spent 39000 yuan, plus the assessment fee for a total of 4 yuan, but he did not expect to find the insurance company claims has suffered a decline. The insurance company is the reason given by the loss of the price is too high, the actual value of the vehicle claims now only 33000 yuan, and the amount of the claim has been higher than the value of the car itself. Several unsuccessful negotiations, Mr. Ni immediately to the insurance company to court. Licang court that, Mr. Ni to the insurance company insured vehicle damage insurance, non deductible special insurance, the insurance contract established according to law and effectively, to both parties are legally binding. The focus of the defendant’s dispute is that the defendant should pay the plaintiff the amount of insurance. The Court confirmed the loss of 39435 yuan insurance vehicles. According to the contract, calculation of vehicle loss for vehicles: date of March 6, 2009, the new car purchase price of 67900 yuan, the accident date is October 31, 2015, when the accident happened to the depreciation of 79 months, the monthly depreciation rate is 0.6%, the accident occurred when the actual value of the insured vehicle is 35715.4 yuan. The plaintiff claimed that the loss of the vehicle exceeds the actual value of the car, the Licang court that should be in accordance with the insurance car"相关的主题文章: