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Mom and dad in the first time to open the baby’s little fist – the birth of the mother of the Sohu every baby, will hold tight his fist. For such a small aspect, many parents are completely ignored. The new mom and dad to see the children come to this world, my heart is watching the baby how nice, the baby’s health, for a variety of small details are completely ignored, because mom and Dad were happy dazzled. However, the next Xiaobian to tell you is that novice mom and Dad, please open your baby’s fist fist time. It is very important for the baby, but also will affect the development of the baby after the day. One, why should open the baby timely fist hand movements can promote the development of the nervous system, but also to some extent help infants psychological development, we can say that the hand movements played a role in children’s psychological development premise. The fingers separated, you have a baby can move feeling after can fiddle with various items, it can let the baby can take the initiative to learn and engage in various activities, the perception and concrete thinking ability development. In fact, after all things through the interaction of the baby’s hand and the environment in which the baby and the environment interact, so as to help the baby to establish the concept of interactive themselves and the environment to a certain extent, this interactive experience on infant development is of great significance in the future, can affect the baby after learning and life. Two, how to open a small baby fist after mother do 1, daily life stretch life, mom and dad have a sense of the baby to help the clenched fist to open, this can let the baby stretch your fingers relaxed feeling, let the baby feel happy. Don’t forget to wash your baby’s hand when taking a bath. Put the finger gently into the baby’s palm, then carefully cleaning the baby’s fingers, but also can while cleaning while massage; when nursing the baby in his arms, when the baby, the baby can hold hands, gently touch, and then you can gently hold the baby’s hand shake, open; gently stroked the baby’s fist, or let the baby’s hand can touch the mother body, let the baby learn to feel; not stop and baby talk. Suck mother’s milk, feel the warmth of the mother’s skin, the baby will enjoy the process. 2, give the baby fingers when doing massage baby is happy at the end of the meal, can give the baby a small massage, mother warm hand to stimulate baby’s tactile nerve, let the baby relax, it will be his fist stretch. Pick up the baby’s palm, gently pry the thumb, then put the baby’s whole fist opened, then closed the whole time. Hold the baby’s fingers, gently stick open, again a closure, a little slow, frequently "punch" to encourage the baby, let the baby learn to take something, 3, put the toy in the baby’s palm baby little fist hidden wisdom, can give Bao Baoyi a toy to take, take相关的主题文章: