MITSUBISHI Chinese Redemption betting on opening a new stage of development for the Outlander Guangz

MITSUBISHI Chinese Redemption: betting on opening a new stage of development for the Outlander Guangzhou MITSUBISHI outlander Chinese Redemption: how to open a new stage of development? Gao Feichang, my two MITSUBISHI shop is now built together, the Southeast MITSUBISHI and GAC MITSUBISHI two brands have not been so clear." In August 26th, domestic Changsha Guangzhou MITSUBISHI outlander will be listed on the site, one of the participants came to the Guangzhou MITSUBISHI dealer told the economic observer reporter. In the dealer’s view, in China may not be a foreign car companies like MITSUBISHI, like the brand image of the sales channel management is so lack of initiative. Although MITSUBISHI has a joint venture between MITSUBISHI and MITSUBISHI in China, but the dealers have already privately in the two products packaged sales". MITSUBISHI CEO Yi Zi Xiu has said that MITSUBISHI’s development in China is not smooth, the main reason is that the brand awareness is not high, and hope that the Southeast MITSUBISHI, GAC MITSUBISHI, MITSUBISHI imported car sales network triple play". However, due to the Southeast MITSUBISHI perplexing relationship between equity and other factors with the slow development, after MITSUBISHI announced that no car R & D products, MITSUBISHI car industry in Southeast MITSUBISHI essence "". And in 2012 was formally established GAC MITSUBISHI, MITSUBISHI has become the focus of business development in china. Guangzhou MITSUBISHI since its establishment to launch a domestic car ASX Jin Hyun and an imported car Pajero Jin chang. The domestic market is the Outlander second domestic models. For this new car, GAC MITSUBISHI’s shares of the Guangzhou automobile group showed a high degree of importance. The same day, not only the Guangzhou Automobile Group General Manager Ceng Qinghong and deputy general manager Feng Xingya Guangzhou Department Senior scene, in the following "outlander night", Han Hong, Sun Nan and other big singers were invited to come back. As a medium-sized SUV, outlander listed "extraordinary momentum". The Outlander is MITSUBISHI’s a well-known car, the domestic version of the model 160 thousand pre-sale price of -24 million yuan, compared to the earlier the starting price of imported cars dropping 40 thousand yuan, compared with the level of the rival Honda CR-V, TOYOTA RAV4, Nissan X-Trail also has the price advantage. For GAC MITSUBISHI, after the joint venture four years did not reach the expected goal. According to MITSUBISHI Chairman Lu SA said that the next 5 years, Guangzhou MITSUBISHI will introduce ten models. The Outlander became the first gun GAC MITSUBISHI joint venture in the new stage, its significance is self-evident. MITSUBISHI’s development prospects are also directly related to the fate of MITSUBISHI in china. In fact, MITSUBISHI is currently facing a dilemma: beset with troubles internally and externally in Japan, "burst fuel fraud, resulting in huge compensation, then Nissan acquired 34% of the shares and become the single largest shareholder; in Chinese, Guangzhou MITSUBISHI MITSUBISHI with a comprehensive restructuring of imported car business, MITSUBISHI Camry MITSUBISHI become the absolute core, but as to how to deal with the future relationship between Guangzhou MITSUBISHI and Nissan, there is no clear answer. The fall of the veteran MITSUBISHI was a star in Chinese car city. As 1996 began with China koron相关的主题文章: