Missed the best opportunity to catch up with Murray at the end of the first hope of being hit (video-ricky lee neely

Murray missed the best opportunity to catch up at the end of the first to hit the [Abstract] five hard disk encounter Kei reversal, Murray not only lost the four Grand Slam finals this year all the opportunity, he also missed a great opportunity to catch up with Djokovic machine in the ATP championship standings this season, he wants to get the first end of the year have become very little. Murray was reversed for four consecutive years, missed the semi-finals Murray missed the opportunity to catch up Djokovic in today’s sports Tencent in September 8th 2016 season 1/4 US Open Men’s singles final, favourites Murray fight five disc by the Japanese star Kei nishikori, unfortunately missed the semi-finals, losing to all four Grand Slam finals this year. The opportunity. The defeat also means that Murray has lost a good chance to catch up with on the ATP table, which he hopes will be a bit less than a year earlier. In this week’s ATP standings, Murray accumulated 9305 points behind the leaders of Djokovic still have 5500 points of the huge gap, but considering the small German from the beginning to the end of last year’s us open only in the finals in the group phase encountered a losing season of no importance, Murray still has to catch up with rivals, the possibility of landing the world first throne. The U.S. is the key battlefield for the two sides, the small German win here last year, this year to defend the integral 2000 points, Murray here last year an upset of the fourth round of this year, the need to defend the points only 180 points, if Murray can win in this match, at least two people will narrow the gap about 2500, so the possibility of him to overtake a rival will greatly enhance the. But Murray did not seize this opportunity, he reversed by the Japanese star Kei nishikori in the last war, which means that he is in the year four Grand Slam finals all hopes, also means that he has only 360 points, and Novak remained at the table to sign, if Djokovic in the match in the title, although Murray can still be the gap of two people within 180 points, but for the huge gap between the two is undoubtedly an utterly inadequate measure. Last year after the US Open, Djokovic also seized the continuous net, Shanghai masters, Paris masters and the finals of the championship, which means that this year, this time he had nearly 4000 points to defend Murray, and last year’s results for the Shanghai masters semi-finals, Paris masters runner and finals team match out to defend points less than 1200 points this year. From the perspective of simple arithmetic, of course there is the possibility to catch up with Murray Djokovic, but now two momentum has been reversed, the small German gradually from the French Open title after the downturn came out, the match of luck also stand to his side, and Murray in the US Open series has shown it Gaokaidizou trend, he spent too much energy this past summer madness, rely on him for the rest of the season to keep the Wimbledon and the Rio Olympics as well the state of fear of some difficulties, therefore, Murray this season to win the first year-end possibility has actually become very little)相关的主题文章: