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Politics Too often in the political arena, information is incomplete or skewed to the advantage of one group or another. I [Mike Morley] would encourage anyone who is interested to review my voting record. I have represented with integrity the values of the people in District 66 and, if re-elected, I will continue to fight for you by holding fast to my core principles of strengthening the family as the fundamental unit of society, treating taxes as a sacred trust used only to promote the proper role of government, and controlling government growth…. As a leader in the majority party whose responsibility it is to set the agenda, I worked with many representatives prior to the bill coming to the floor to bring about a needed shift in the Capital Outlay Funding Formula using my known opposition as leverage. This change, in effect, gives credit to areas like ours with a high property tax burden by equalizing it with other lower-taxed areas, thus benefiting Nebo School District to the tune of about $3 million. This offset against the loss from property tax for FY09, due to the policy shift regarding public charter school funding of about $600,000, resulted in a net gain to the district of just under $2.4 million this year. Over the long haul, the capital outlay funding formula will hold our district harmless in this policy shift. Due to our robust economy, public schools have been funded at unprecedented levels 41% just since 2006. Unquestionably, funding for education is tied directly to the economy. The economy truly is the tide that raises all ships. In recent years, we have grown the economy to such an extent that most who graduate from Utah schools and desire to stay and work in our state are able to find employment. We are the envy of the nation, having been honored as the Best Run State in the nation for several consecutive years. This is due primarily to the policies and fiscal responsibility of the Utah State Legislature. About the Author: Crazy dribbles- This drill is done by performing as many different moves as you can with the basketball in 45 seconds. With over 130 golf courses located within a 30 mile radius it. Here is my blog post ..ballchairsite../blog/ 相关的主题文章: