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Migrant workers in large cities were forced to be left behind when the policy is left behind children in Bijie City, Qianxi Province, the left behind children in rural areas of the town of Lee and his parents to work after the video chat cry (September 13, 2016 photo) (). The Xinhua News Agency reference news network October 23rd foreign media reported that no school, children of migrant workers to go? Investigation shows, can read the school children of migrant workers in Shanghai accounted for only half of the other students, have returned to the countryside, "the policy virtually made more left-behind children". According to Taiwan, "Wang news" website reported on October 21st, the mainland media news shows, a sociology professor at Shanghai Univer, Liu Yuzhao ran away to Anhui, Shanghai’s largest foreign population outflow survey found that children from Shanghai to return, but few parents back together, because the parents to make a living can only stay in the city work. Most of these students in the semi military management of private schools, the weekend does not go home, and some even half a year before returning home. He also went to Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiashan and Jiangsu, around, and found some children who were unable to go to school in Shanghai. Shanghai private primary school headmaster Cambridge workers Gao Youcheng surprised to find that his school had only 300 people, only recruit 9 students this year in schools for children of migrant workers in Suzhou; the villagers run are crowded, there are more than 2000 students. Liu Yuzhao also investigated the Shanghai ten kindergarten, found to be able smoothly to the primary school children less than half. When the electronic newspaper "Taiwan" website in October 21 published entitled "Shanghai schools for children of migrant workers want to read to go into" reported that the Shanghai schools for children of migrant workers is the policy of the death card, no Shanghai residence permit students to enter the school, do not sigh to the students, "not far from close". The door is struggling to ask the school to take care of the child, no one home, and can not go back, the parents, the formation of clearly there is supply, demand, but the ends of the bag is not together phenomenon. According to China news media, the beginning of the end of 2013, the provisions of Shanghai migrant workers to provide a residence permit, children to attend primary school, junior high school in the local area; the two principal residence permit threshold is to pay 6 months of social security, as well as a legitimate and stable residence, seems not difficult, but many migrant workers failed to reach the standard. Mainly, have the ability to pay social security for migrant workers was not much, according to statistics, Shanghai is only 40%; on the other hand, many landlords do not want to lend to the residence outside the real estate license, even after the children of migrant workers registered in their own home. To this end, 3 years, many children of migrant workers in Shanghai school recruit students. In addition, the children of migrant workers in large cities, even on the junior high school, to high school, had to go back to the domicile of the school. Liu Yuzhao said: "Shanghai is already missing workers, but many migrant workers children grew up in Shanghai, unwilling to return home, just graduated from junior high school at the age of 15, neither studies, did not reach the legal age of recruitment." He believes that this part is stuck in the middle of the only child policy unemployment, may bring instability to the society. Bloomberg News website on July 20th published an article entitled "China left behind children’s education is low employment prospects for the future," the report said, has helped China’s economic miracle of millions of migrant workers.相关的主题文章: