Microsoft hololens opens its booking in February 29th-beself

Microsoft HoloLens opened in February 29th to book Sina Technology News Beijing time on February 29th morning news, a report on the "fortune" website exposed the Microsoft HoloLens developer version of the release plan, including the release date and supporting applications. Reported that Microsoft HoloLens developer version will open booking from February 29th, and will be officially launched in March 30th. Microsoft will hold Build developer conference in San Francisco in March 30th this year. In addition, the new product supporting the game has also been exposed. The HoloLens developer version is expected to cost about $3000, including a variety of test software, including: 1.HoloStudio. HoloStudio helps developers create resources and guides developers to use multiple instructions, such as gaze, gesture and voice, to control games and applications. HoloStudio was presented at Microsoft’s Build developer conference in 2015. 2.Skype. This special version of Skype "helps users run Skype on any Windows device and interact with holographic worlds."." 3.HoloTour. This application can provide certain places, such as Rome and Machu Picchu, the 360 degree panoramic picture, give users feel personally on the scene. HoloTour is also known to provide 3D audio features that help users walk at random in these locations". The report also showed that ActionGram, which was exposed 1 weeks ago, will be launched at the end of this summer. The app brings the holographic storytelling medium, which will help developers integrate holographic content into the real world scene, bringing video with emotional appeal and humor". At this year’s Build Developers Conference, HoloLens will be the highlight of Microsoft. (Wei Jin)

传微软HoloLens于2月29日开放预订   新浪科技讯 北京时间2月29日早间消息,《财富》杂志网站的一篇报道曝光了微软HoloLens开发者版的发布计划,包括发布日期以及配套应用。   报道称,微软HoloLens开发者版将从2月29日开放预订,并将于3月30日正式推出。微软将于今年3月30日在旧金山举办Build开发者大会。除此之外,这款产品配套的新游戏也被曝光。   HoloLens开发者版的价格预计将约为3000美元,其中包括多款测试软件,包括:   1.HoloStudio。HoloStudio帮助开发者创建资源,并指导开发者使用多种指令,例如凝视、手势和语音,以控制游戏和应用。HoloStudio在微软的2015年Build开发者大会上进行了展示。   2.Skype。Skype的这一特别版本“帮助用户在任何Windows设备上运行Skype,并与全息世界互动。”   3.HoloTour。这款应用能提供某些地点,例如罗马和马丘比丘的360度全景画面,给用户带来身临其境的感受。HoloTour据称也提供3D音频功能,帮助用户在这些地点“随意行走”。   报道还显示,1周前曝光的应用ActionGram将于今年夏季末推出。这款应用带来了“全息的故事讲述媒介”,“将帮助开发者将全息内容整合至真实世界场景,从而带来具有情绪吸引力和幽默的视频”。   预计在今年的Build开发者大会上,HoloLens将会是微软的重头戏。(维金)相关的主题文章: