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Men drink Beach police trouble wounded more than sober not remember the Modern Express News (reporter correspondent Li Kai Lin Qingzhi) Zhenjiang, a man drunk in the beach trouble, police rushed to the scene, he is still not close hand, also wounded including station director, officers, he was sober after assaulting a completely on their own I do not know…… Recently, Zhenjiang Runzhou District People’s court held a public hearing of this case. Modern Express reporter learned that, at the beginning of this year, after drinking in the discipline of a district of Zhenjiang bridge in a bathing beach trouble, disturb the normal order of operation. Kwun Tong police station, Liu Zong after the alarm led the auxiliary police rushed to the scene. The police showed identity, the discipline of a still alarming police beating the cuff and kick, the Director Wei reinforcements rushed to the scene, but also to the discipline of a wie insults, pushing, resulting in a number of police and auxiliary police were scratched. After some effort, the police finally to the discipline of a uniform, and bring it to the police station to sober restraint. Afterwards, a discipline has repeatedly stressed that he is getting drunk, of violence assaulting a completely in the dark. However, it was too late, the discipline of a drunken troublemakers, attack execution is the execution of official police, resulting in 4 minor injuries, the court ruled to the discipline of a crime of obstructing, sentenced to one year. After the trial, the presiding judge told reporters that any offence under a drunken state and cannot be exempted from its legal obligations, the people’s police in the case of violence in the discipline of a law enforcement official, in accordance with the law shall be given a heavier punishment.

男子酒后浴场内滋事打伤多名警察 酒醒后称不记得现代快报讯(通讯员 李凯 记者 林清智)镇江一名男子酒后在浴场滋事,警察赶到现场后,他仍不收手,还打伤包括派出所所长在内的多名人员,酒醒后他竟对自己袭警一事全然不知……近日,镇江市润州区人民法院公开开庭审理了这起案件。现代快报记者了解到,今年年初,纪某饮酒后在镇江官塘桥某浴场滋事,扰乱该浴场正常经营秩序。官塘派出所民警刘某、宗某接警后带领辅警赶至现场。民警表明身份后,纪某仍然拳打脚踢殴打处警民警,其间,该所所长魏某赶赴现场增援,纪某又对魏某进行辱骂、推搡,致使多名民警、辅警被抓伤。经过一番努力,民警最终将纪某制服,并将其带至派出所约束至酒醒。事后,纪某一再强调自己是酒后失态,对暴力袭警一事全然不知。然而为时已晚,纪某因酒后滋事,袭击执行正在执行公务的警察,致使4人轻微伤,法院当庭宣判,纪某以妨碍公务罪,判处有期徒刑一年。庭审结束后,审判长告诉记者,任何醉酒状态下的违法行为并不能免除自身的法律责任,本案中的纪某暴力袭击依法执行公务的人民警察,按照法律规定应当从重处罚。相关的主题文章: