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Media: minors have been raped in the world how to defend? Sohu news music fruit in recent years, juvenile sexual assault cases have occurred. According to Chinese children’s culture and art foundation girls Protection Fund statistics, from 2013 to 2015, only publicly reported cases of child sexual abuse reached 1035. But the influence of the social tradition, the legal protection of a lot of sexual abuse of minors and their guardians are often reluctant to seek publicity, and the victim after adult to seek relief in civil law when often exceed the limitation of action. October 31st, at the first plenary meeting of the twenty-fourth session of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress held in the second half of the year, the minors are subject to sexual assault cases of civil action to make important adjustments to the aging of the. The provisions of the NPC Standing Committee second draft of the general principles of civil law: "sexual abuse of minors damage limitation of the claim for damages during the calculation of the date of eighteen years from the victim." This means that if the child suffered sexual assault, even if there is no responsibility for the infringement of the party, after eighteen years of age may still require the infringing party to give civil compensation. Now, minors abuse is a global social problem. Developed countries not only punish sexual offenders in the law, more emphasis on prevention of sexual abuse of the education and training of children, the strict definition of all sectors of society in the prevention of child sexual abuse in terms of responsibility, to build a security system for minors. When law and education for minors to prop up the umbrella, the children are away from far away from the danger of sexual assault? South Korea has be forced to wear an electronic foot ring in April 10, 2013, South Western Seoul local court hearing of South Korean artist Gao Yingxu raped underage girls, to the rape of minors, charges of sexual harassment on the implementation of underage girls, Gao Yingxu was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment, and wear an electronic foot ring for 10 years. From the media to take photos and videos, the South Korean people also saw the electronic foot ring at the bottom of the outline of Gao Yingxu. Gao Yingxu was forced to wear electronic foot ring is part of the position tracking electronic equipment. In July 2010, South Korea revised the "electronic foot" tour de France, after the electronic foot ring for parole prisoners wear, the revised law, sexual abuse of minors or repeated sexual assault history even criminals released from prison, also want to wear an electronic foot ring for monitoring. This is the Ministry of justice to study the high-tech means, in order to increase the intensity of the prevention of criminal inertia. So, how to monitor the operation of electronic foot ring? In South Korea, location tracking monitoring platform central control center, each observer are required for the position and orientation of the supervisor. When the wearer enters the sensitive area, the electronic foot ring will produce a strong vibration, then monitor the center screen pop-up tips, observers immediately notify the parties through a dedicated mobile phone. If the wearer to destroy the electronic foot ring, did not carry a dedicated phone or not to answer the phone, will receive an alert. If the wearer unauthorized separation, damage, dismantling electronic devices, resulting in data information can not be transmitted in a timely manner, will be sentenced to 7 years in prison or Han Qiao,相关的主题文章: