Manchester United new striker! On the 22 field 10 ball Ibrahimovic hand picked successor-bleep

Manchester United new striker! On the 22 field 10 ball Ibrahimovic hand picked successor United’s new striker Wang Tengxun sports news September 18th from 4 to 3 winning streak, the only thing is that United fans can still attack twin goals. Manchester derby is a 34 year old Ibrahimovic completed the break, a war with Waterford’s 18 Year Old Trafford Jiangong rush. An occupation career played 800 times, one of only 25 games experience, but the Fengxian has "selected pull master" as his successor. The signing of Ibrahimovic, once considered development will hinder the rush, after all, the second half of last season, Marcus has become Van Gaal’s most rely on the main center, and the Swedish God tower way, he will give way to the bench. But the main is the strength to earn, and the city of Hull a war, he came into the lore; Manchester derby, he again came to break, but because Ibrahimovic offside without, this outstanding performance impressed Mourinho, the last 2 games, are served as the main rush. The UEFA Cup against Faye Nord, rush, play center, poor performance and was replaced by Ibrahimovic, but Mourinho is still in the game to give him confidence, but from the middle position for a wing. Came to the side, in the rush actively looking for murder, state did not seem to come back to find his teammates do not pass, the cut shot hit fly. But the magic boy is fantastic, even if not in the best condition, the critical moment can still stand up: sixty-second minutes, he and Ibrahimovic make a wall kicking with wonderful, Ibrahimovic biography on Behrami pops up, Marcus alert grab shot, scored his second goal of the season, Manchester United will tie 1-1 ping. What’s with the ibran tearing direction would alert tongshe data show that since February this year since the first show, rush, has scored 10 goals for the Reds, but the same team top scorer, Rooney Marshall, to show the white feather. To know is this game, his adult team experience is actually only 25 field (Club 22 games, the England team in 3 games), also very young, and big brother Ibrahimovic has today ushered in the 800th adult team! Ibrahimovic played a number of European giants, partner over countless top striker, is still favored by the addition of Marcus. The 34 year old Fengxian has regarded him as his successor, peacetime training, add more dial, so that the latter benefited. In an interview, the Swedish God tower, said: first of all, he is only 18 years old, is still very young, he has enough time. I think it is necessary to treat young players like him in the right way. Everyone is talking about his talent and potential, but remember that he has long enough. Looks like he doesn’t need to take over the world today…… Step by step, he will take over the world, just need to be patient." However, Ford has begun to rush over the world ", he united the most threatening partner in attack with Ibrahimovic, to jointly attack, can also be a side, the speed and the impact of the technology and experience, complement each other. A tacit understanding between the two is gradually warming, with the goal of leaving is proof. Compared with them, Rooney Marshall was showing his years, spirit, it is time for them to sit on the board)相关的主题文章: