Man drunk in the street was bullying the girl boyfriend Ko two

Man drunk in the street was bullying the girl boyfriend KO twice in the middle-aged man was KO. Video screenshot Meier, quick alarm!" "Don’t be afraid, I’ve recorded it for you."!" "This is a satyr, I see him everywhere, the people next to the police, they are hooligans."!" …… The conversation took place around 4:50 p.m. in September 16th, near Wanda Plaza, Wanzhou. In the video, a young woman and her boyfriend with a middle-aged man and his companion, a total of four people involved in a shoving, fighting, middle-aged man two times by KO fell to the ground, and this voice revealed the whole story happened: lady-killer. Witnessed the scene and took the video "mullet" he said, with four people in the video previously did not know, but this is rather angry lady-killer acts, "the guy’s behavior, can be said to be cheerful, but we’re also worried about his safety." "Carmine fish" is a housewife, in the afternoon of September 16th, she took her daughter to Wanda shopping. "I to Wanda King Street, think this man is wrong, I still give you leave the child said, drunk people away." "Mullet" said, he saw a middle-aged man touched the three young girls legs, "the girl looked at him a little scared, hurried away, then went to the front of the middle-aged man has hit other women. "Carmine fish" then took her daughter to Wanda Plaza shopping, buy clothes, heard outside noisy. She ("mullet") that a middle-aged man is the legendary "groping", did not think the man is secure to rely on continuous crime. In the crowd, "mullet" took a minute video, called "sister Mo afraid, I give you the book" is she. In the beginning of the video, the middle-aged man and the young man (the girl’s boyfriend, because of not seeing the breath, said a middle-aged man a few words) The two sides are pushing against the young man to punch down. But the middle-aged man asked the young man "he’s really not letting this go, wait until the" pick up the slippers to catch up, in the process of catching up, again by the young man in the KO. Since then, the middle-aged man’s companion, a middle-aged man wearing glasses also greeted with young men and women pushing, continue to struggle. Finally, the mall security rushed to mediate, perhaps because of fear of each alarm, middle-aged man and young men and women from the scene. "Mullet" said, when his video was a middle-aged man called her nosy threat. "The little couple age, is that a brat, I look so angry." She sincerely hoped that the next time she met this kind of person, the surrounding citizens could stand out, stop the middle-aged man’s behavior, or quickly call the police for help. Upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter Zhang Xu intern rose

男子酒后当街耍流氓 遭被受害女孩男友KO两次 中年男子被KO在地。视频截图   “妹儿,快点报警!”   “别怕,我给你录起的!”   “这是个色狼,我看到他到处摸,旁边的人报下警,他们就是流氓!”   ……   这段对话发生在9月16日下午4点50左右,地点在万州万达广场附近。在视频中,一个年轻妹子、她的男友跟一个中年男人、其同伴,一共四人卷入了一场推搡、殴斗之中,中年男子两次被KO倒地,而这段话外音透露了事情发生的始末:打色狼。   目击了现场及拍下这段视频的“胭脂鱼”说,他跟视频中的四个人此前都不认识,不过却相当气愤这色狼的行径,“小伙的行为,可以说是大快人心,但我们也同时担心他的安全。”   “胭脂鱼”是一名家庭主妇,9月16日下午,她带着女儿到万达逛街。“我一到万达金街的时候,就觉得这个男的不对头,我还在给娃儿说,你要离这种喝了酒的人远点。”   “胭脂鱼”说,自己看到中年男子摸了三个年轻女娃儿的腿,“女娃儿望了他一眼,有点害怕就赶紧走了”,随后,中年男子又跑到前面去撞别的女子。   “胭脂鱼”此后带着女儿到万达广场逛街买衣服,就听到外面吵起来了。她(“胭脂鱼”)知道中年男子是传说中的“咸猪手”,没想到男子有恃无恐连续作案。   在围观时,“胭脂鱼”拍下了一分多钟的视频,喊“妹儿莫怕,我给你录起的”也是她。   在视频的最开始,中年男子跟年轻男子(女孩的男朋友,因看不过气,说了中年男子几句。)对抗,双方推搡,被年轻男子一拳击倒。   但中年男子不依不饶,叫年轻男子“等到起”,捡了拖鞋追上去,在追赶过程中,再度被年轻男子KO在地。   此后,中年男子的同伴,一个戴着眼镜的中年男子也迎了上去,跟年轻男女推搡,继续纠缠。   最终,商场保安赶到劝架,也许是因为忌惮对方报警,中年男子及年轻男女都撤离了现场。   “胭脂鱼”说,自己拍视频的时候还遭到中年男子的威胁,称她多管闲事。“那对情侣年龄都不大,都是那种小娃儿,我看起好气愤哦。”她真诚地希望,下次再遇到这种人,周围的市民都能站出来,阻止中年男子的行为,或者赶快报警求助警察。   上游新闻-重庆晨报记者 张旭 实习生 曾蔷薇相关的主题文章: