Ma Sichun Fendi interview today I am not my brother is a gentle girl Little Pony (video) tianbi

Ma Sichun Fendi interview: today I am not my brother is a gentle girl little pony Milan time on September 22nd, FENDI2017 Spring Fashion Week held in Milan, the new series not only retains the soul of the brand temperament, adding more young and modern elements, full of modern rococo". Pequin and Regimental have two kinds of fringe patterns of brand stands back to the stage, full of fairies, girl heart overflowing! Of course, the show’s star viewers won’t let you down, this is not a Tencent in fashion show "caught" sweet style pony brother Ma Sichun! Ma Sichun as the only mainland actress was invited to attend the FENDI2017 spring show, wearing a FENDI 2016 winter series, Micro Peekaboo Bag, holding the same brand of the same brand My Way Karlito wear watches sweet and playful appearance, let you know what the Tencent are with the pony show sweet brother style. Ma Sichun: I cover the prince! But I also want to be protected by Ma Sichun: Tencent fashion friends Hello, I am Ma Sichun Tencent fashion: just look at the show there is no particular preference for a single product? Ma Sichun: have a special love for the model, see Gigi, think she is beautiful! Of course, all of them like the fashion of Tencent: what do you think is the difference between this season and you? Ma Sichun: I think this season will be lighter, more exercise, the wearing of this seems to be a bit more formal, but this season will look more easily and more elegant fashion: in fact, some Tencent of the show to see pretty much shows, why can see so much show? Ma Sichun: I want to learn the fashion of Tencent Ma Sichun: today, the other is to go to prove that I was a girl in the other, just because there is a camera to take a picture of me when the horse horse brother brother look here, I have proved that I was a girl, this is the first thing I have to velvet, there will be some girls and a little princess feeling, but also simple and elegant fashion: the Tencent is the first time you come to Milan? Ma Sichun: not Tencent fashion: you feel quite literary and artistic, and do you think the city of Milan literature? Ma Sichun: Milan, I think that Europe can be regarded as comparative literature, because not many people here, in addition to Milan fashion week, before I actually travel, love Church of Duomo very much, I saw when I was crying, because I think it is beautiful to cry, so in that area I will calm down to feel the history of the city and the atmosphere are Tencent: there is no eat delicious seafood? Ma Sichun: Yes, last night, I asked my sister to eat seafood Tencent fashion: like to eat crab or shrimp? Ma Sichun: love, so easy to fat, not picky eaters are Tencent: this show before the specially controlled diet? Ma Sichun: because before has been run away, so it’s okay, recently wanted to relax a little, but still come to you with good state Tencent fashion: he is a horse just said brother, you and a partner in general Lun well, do you think!相关的主题文章: