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UnCategorized Luxor is the perfect place for a family holiday as it has something for everyone. Not only is it a beautiful and idyllic destination, it is also a fascinating historic place. Any holiday to Egypt is desirable, but Luxor is truly the most coveted destination. Luxor is divided into two parts, the east side and the west side; both have breathtaking ruins and museums exhibiting ancient artifacts. Continue below to learn more about Luxor Holiday… The main museum which is known around the world is the museum of ancient Egyptian art, where you can see some of the oldest and most beautiful pieces of art on this earth. Thebes, the capital city, offers vast ancient ruins which anyone interested in history will enjoy. Luxor is so much more than a tourist destination; it’s an awe inspiring historical paradise. If you aren’t interested in the ancient side of Egypt, the east side of Luxor is the place for you. The east side is known for its varied shops and restaurants and is perfect for a shopping trip or evening out, it also offers good public transport. The main hotels in Luxor are located in the east side, giving the place a busy tourist friendly atmosphere. This makes the east side the perfect place to stay, even if you are going to spend most of your time sightseeing in the west side. If your holiday is more focussed on sightseeing then the west side is where you should go. It offers ancient ruins and sightseeing tours by horse, bike or simply walking. Although most hotels are situated on the east side, the journey between the two does not take long, meaning you can stay in the more tourist friendly area and still spend your days sightseeing. Something that is important to remember when you visit Luxor is that it is a place that runs under Muslim law. This means that there is no alcohol in public areas, and that if you buy alcohol it must be kept out of sight until you reach the hotels, where the laws are slightly relaxed for tourists. This needn’t put a damper on your holiday though; you will find that many hotels have bars where you can buy alcohol. It is worthwhile to find out about the laws before you go, so you don’t end up breaking one by accident. Luxor is a beautiful place to visit, but you must remember to respect their customs and beliefs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: