Love and marriage Psychology do not abide by the marriage of the 6 rules of your God (Figure)

Marriage psychological: don’t keep your 6 marriage law make God (Figure) does not keep the marriage law of 6 to you. God often say how to manage a good marriage marriage, actually don’t need to try to create a good marriage, are formed naturally, if you really want to do that as a guest, this marriage is no feelings at all. The difference between love and marriage is love is to see each other’s advantages, but the marriage is to see each other’s shortcomings, so how to live with each other’s shortcomings have become the main source of contradiction, smart women tend not to say, but only to turn a blind eye. First, do not create their so-called privacy. The couple since it is the same life bird, nature should be joy when the happiness can stand together through storm and stress, to share with their families, the pain is not necessary to conceal the truth alone bear the pain. Although most men love bad news, afraid to tell his wife when facing the dilemma of his own career will increase each other’s concerns, and even cause the spook wife. In fact, many people are not necessarily able to become the wife of the husband enterprise helper, but definitely will be behind you for your cheering supporters. Two, do not try to change and transform each other. The failure of marriage is often a strong desire to change even want to take each other into his mind like that the eyes only see each other’s shortcomings and do not meet their own mind, and the quarrel between husband and wife often topic by tiny section of life and rise to the severity of divorce is even he’s really not letting this go. In fact, everyone has their own life attitude and life style, and also is the most relaxing place, therefore, try to use his life attitude to force the other to accept, the results are often obtained by part. Three, we must learn to consider the issue of transposition. Now most of the young people grew up in self comparison in the environment, mostly used to the family of his humility and dote, therefore, grew up in love may be a courtesy humility each other, and once get married, past the kind of self-centered and egoistic problems and will be fully exposed. Therefore, to learn to get along with a couple of courtesy etiquette, constantly think about each other’s feelings, not conducive to the stability and unity of the words do not say, is not conducive to the stability and unity of the do. Four, to express their love sex. That is the integration of love and marriage, as long as the physical and mental health and the passion of normal men and women, will want to get close contact with love, hope to be able to enjoy the sweetness of love and love, so each other timely and in proper places to express intimacy is the compulsory course in marriage, it will make both sides feel their sweet marriage concentration. Moreover, a healthy marriage can not be separated from love and sex, marriage without love and sex is actually false hypocritical marriage. Both men and women want to be able to fully communicate and understand each other with their loved ones. Five, to learn each other’s experience. It is said that the love has developed into a fast food culture, a day to know, two days to kiss, you can make love in seven days.相关的主题文章: