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Louis thirteen home: Beijing new landmark, a good place for the National Day – Sohu, the National Day holiday is coming soon, is about to get rid of the busy work of you, whether you are planning a trip? If you are a fashion empire, Master, sitting on the bustling fashion big buildings of Beijing is undoubtedly the best choice. So, how in the limited time, to meet Mall Shopping dazzling would you prefer big fashion. Today, Xiao Bian personally selected the national day, hope everyone worthwhile. Andy · Warhol Exhibition: feel the charm of time in the shadow of time: 2016 02 March 09 2017 07 August 01 ~ 10:30-18:00 day Venue: 2 Art District No. 798 Jiuxianqiao road Chaoyang District Beijing D-06 if you are fond of pop art, don’t miss Andy Warhol (Andy · Warhol). The exhibition presents his images, photographs, and interactive installations, presenting his exploration of the relationship between time and the relationship between the artist and the subject. The first domestic VR interactive museum experience: Science and technology with you on your journey time: from now until the day 2017.09.01 10:00-22:00 location: choice of virtual reality Museum (Beijing u-town shop), Chaoyang District ghost house room escape, irregular space, advanced virtual reality technology to let you touch the future, not into the pro environment, brought hitherto unknown. Interactive experience. Louis house: Thirteen bottles of the middle ages, century legend Louis thirteen home Business Hours: Monday to Sunday, 10:00 to 22:00 Chinese address: Beijing Chaoyang District City No. 87 Jianguo Road SKP two layer D2028 luxury shopping center of Beijing SKP, brought together many fashion brands, Yi Shisan the world’s first brand shop was located here. This national day, without all the way to Cognac in France, you can experience the French art of living in Beijing. Louis thirteen of the house by the perception of the hall and the hall of inspiration and eternal room composed of two complementary space to enjoy a total of about 132 square meters. Two space control through the complementary, telling the harmony and unity of mineral and plant, the interpretation of the meaning and connotation of the local time. The central shop erected as the acme of perfection art, "light wheel" (Century Wheel), touch the device by hand on the wall, a symbol of "water of life" will be lit up the lattice. Touch the "light wheel" more, the wall lattice light’s increasingly rich, this process reveals Louis spanning thirteen centuries of legendary history: up to 1200 years of life practice water essence, fragrant and rich taste 250. Each bottle of Louis thirteen has brought together a hundred years, after the four generation of wine masters. A century of sealed bottles, stroll in this, meditation experience the charm of time and space staggered. Louis thirteen mysterious VIP space, called "eternal room" (Eternity Room), which displays are limited edition wine!相关的主题文章: