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Li Keqiang: public affairs is not open to the public is an exception – Sohu news open government is the responsibility of the government must perform. As long as it does not involve matters such as national security, public affairs is the norm, not open is an exception!" Premier Li Keqiang at the October 31st executive meeting made it clear. The day of the meeting to determine the full implementation of the relevant regulations to promote public affairs, government policies to promote a more transparent and efficient. Li Keqiang stressed that the vital interests of the masses, the impact of market expectations and unexpected public events and other key information, the local authorities and departments should take the initiative in a timely manner. For the public opinion may lead to a hot spot in advance ‘deduction’ for the relevant voices to respond in a timely manner." The prime minister said, at all levels of government must always tighten the open government this’ string ‘, the initiative to respond to concerns, to guide social expectations!" Give a clear signal to the market, to a stable social and economic development of all walks of life is expected to market economy ‘expected management’ is very important, open government is one of the important links. Open and transparent is to give the market a clear signal to all sectors of a stable social and economic development is expected." Li Keqiang said. Li Keqiang said that promoting government affairs, is to continue to deepen the reform of the management of the important content. We require governments at all levels to develop a negative list, the power list and the list of responsibilities, is to tell the market what to do and what not to do; what the government, what the government should not. The development of the three list is the largest open government." Prime Minister further explained that under the conditions of the market economy, some of the decisions before the introduction of communication with the market is not enough, it may disrupt the market expectations, the follow-up will need a lot of work to make up for. However, if the work of government affairs to be in place, and social and market communication work to do, it will play the role of 42 dial thousand pounds. "We have to keep in close contact with the market, including the international market, to give a stable expectation of China’s economy." Li Keqiang said. To actively respond to social concerns, the improvement work, and effectively improve the credibility of the government this year NPC and CPPCC press conference, the media through the Internet poll hot livelihood issues, speeding up will receive about 10000000 of the vote of "promoting health care national network" question to the prime minister Li Keqiang, and the Prime Minister for the elderly remote provinces hospitalization cost of direct settlement "the response time for two years. "It’s not a big deal, but it does involve tens of millions of families and is directly related to the government’s work." Li Keqiang in the executive meeting on 31 may revisit the matter said, "world affairs will be in fine! We have a lot of similar policies, we should take the initiative to respond to social concerns, improve the work, and effectively improve the credibility of the government." The prime minister said, although now the interests of the masses demands increasingly diverse, but there are still many relatively concentrated interests, all localities and departments must learn and market, and social communication, fully listen to the views of all parties in decision-making. "Any issues involving the interests of the masses, especially the livelihood of the people, as long as it does not involve national security and other matters related to the decision letter相关的主题文章: