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Learn to make your hands equal, so that the ball is close to the hole every time – Sohu sports, you can make the ball roll along the predetermined push line, but the ball is too close, or roll through the hole cup.   error distance control is not your strong point. The biggest possibility is that one of your hands is too powerful, making it difficult for you to make a smooth, controlled push. When the push is over or insufficient, you can hardly know how far the ball will roll. Eventually, your confidence was hit, and a big number was left on the scorecard. To make the push more smooth and smooth, you need to learn to make your hands equal and keep their movements consistent. Try this simple method of training, your distance control ability and the overall push technology will be immediately improved.   step 1: put 3 balls on the green, and insert a Tee on the reasonable push distance, such as 15 feet (4.6 meters). Make a standard grip, hit a ball, and try to get it close to the target.   step 2: hit second balls, this time only with the right hand to grasp the pole. Also, try to get the ball close to Tee.   step 3: just hold the ball with your left hand and hit third balls. The goal is to try to get the ball close to the first two balls. This kind of training can teach you to make your hands equal. When you can make all 3 balls roll the same distance, you’re on the right track. Repeat this training at different distances and gradually adapt to this feeling. 学习使双手的发力相等 让球每次都能靠近球洞边-搜狐体育  你可以使球沿着预定的推击路线滚动,但球要么滚得太近,要么滚过了洞杯。     错误   距离控制不是你的强项。最大的可能性是,你的一只手发力过猛,使得你难以做出流畅的、有控制的推击。当推杆加速过度或不足时,你几乎不可能知道球会滚多远。最终,你的信心受到了打击,记分卡上留下了一个大数。   纠正方法   要让推击变得更加平稳流畅,你需要学习使双手的发力相等,使它们的动作保持一致。尝试一下这种简单的训练法,你的距离控制能力和整体推击技术都将会得到立竿见影的提高。     步骤1:在练习果岭上放3个球,在合理的一推距离上插一个Tee――比如15英尺(4.6米)处。做出标准握杆动作,打一个球,尽量争取使其靠近目标。     步骤2:打第2个球,这一次只用右手来握杆。同样,要尽量争取使球靠近Tee。     步骤3:只用左手来握杆,打第3个球,目标是尽量争取使球靠近前两个球。   这种训练法能够教会你使双手的发力相等。当你能够使全部3个球滚动同样的距离时,你就走上了正轨。在不同距离上重复这种训练法,逐渐适应这种感觉。相关的主题文章: